9 Beautiful and Attractive Frocks For 11 Year Old Girl

If you are a Parent of small children, you might agree that dressing your kids is no easy task at all. And especially if you have a girl child, then finding the clothes of her desire is as difficult as finding a needle from a haystack. Small girls are extremely fussy about their clothes and they throw infinite tantrums if not dressed the correct way. On top of that if your girl is anywhere near the age of 11 years, i.e. the age of transition where she starts to observe the world and feels that her clothes are the most important thing in the world. It then becomes a war for you to find the ideal clothes for your girl child.

In such a situation, one type of clothing which is all time favorite for girls is a good old Frock. You can buy a beautiful frock for 11 year girl, and she won’t bother you anymore. All you need to do is explore various types and find the ideal match for your little girl.

Latest and Cute Frocks for 11 Year Girl in Fashion:

Following are Top 9 styles of frocks for 11 years old girls.

1. Ruffled Style Frocks:

An evergreen design in clothing garments, the ruffled or frilly design is extremely popular among females of all age. As a result you can see this design incorporated in many different styles of clothing. A Ruffled or Frilly Frock design has a wonderful appearance like a multi-layered cloth which, if accompanied by glittery embroidery, looks very appealing and attractive.

2. Princess Style Long Frocks with a Ribbon:

The Princess style Long Frocks for 11 years old girls, is probably the best frock design discovered yet. It gives your girl child an amazing fantasy experience to be a fairy tale princess and at the same time gives her a lot of happiness when she realizes that it is indeed happening in real life. The frock is designed in a long attractive design to closely match a Princess like attire.

3. Summer Wear Frocks:

In summers, children require clothes which protect them from the sun rays and at the same time also not make them sweat too much. Thus the clothes must be comfortable, protective and also stylish. Such a look is completed with the help of the Summer Frock. Summer frocks are mostly made of cotton which is soft on the skin and extremely protective against the sun, while it also absorbs sweat effectively.

4. Printed Frocks:

Almost all children are adamant about having printed design on all their clothes. The printing may be a cartoon character or a natural design or an animal or some message written, but printed design is very close to their heart. Therefore, Printed Frocks are also very much a popular item in girls’ clothing industry.

5. Wedding Style Frocks:

Deciding wedding attire for a 11 year old daughter can be an extremely confusing drill. To simplify this process, you can straight away go for a Wedding Gown style frock, so that the design will be perfect for a wedding attire and will also match your daughter as it is a Frock.

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6. Western Style Party Frocks:

Almost all the young girls opt for party wear style frocks, because they are the biggest trend in girls’ clothing since a long time. These frocks are tailor made to be worn at any fancy event like a party or a ceremony, etc. The design includes vibrant colour combination, studded with embroidery, prints, etc.

7. Embroidered Frocks with Laces and Beads:

Embroidery on any form of clothing elevates the appearance of the person wearing it. Be it a traditional work of embroidery or modern embroidery. Embroidery is a delicate work of weaving on your clothes in different patterns like floral embroidery, abstract embroidery, etc. Similarly laces and beads studded clothes look amazing on girls. Therefore, a frock having a combination of all these three elements together, gives an amazing look to the girl. It can be a simple traditional look or a funky modern look depending upon the type of embroidery, laces and beads used.

8. Anarkali Style Frocks:

Anarkali is a very popular style of women’s clothing since a very long period of time. The style has its origin from the Mughal reign period. It is perfectly suitable for all kinds of dressing, be it a dress or a kurti or a frock. Therefore, there is a craze among young girls to wear the Anarkali Style Frocks.

9. Netted Design Frocks:

The Netted Design among Frocks is a modern concept. It is incorporated in mostly all the types of frocks and gives it a very decent look. It mainly gives uniqueness to your frock design, when the upper part is a normal fabric while the part below your waist is netted.

Thus, you have seen that dressing your girl child is not an easy task, especially if she is in a transitional age of around 11 years. This is because in that age, girls start to explore different dressing styles all by themselves and then demand for the styles they like. One such popular style among girls is Frocks. Again, finding a Frock for an 11 year old girl is not easy. But you can find an ideal frock as per her demand and requirement.