9 Beautiful Big Sized Gold Rings for Men and Women

Women adore wearing gold jewels and especially big gold rings as it accentuate their feminism factor and lends them those divine looks. A gold ring of big size is very prominent and looks great when worn on any special occasion. It lets you to draw the attention of others easily and make you the centre of attraction. The big size gold rings are loved by young girls and even newly married girls as it gives them a gorgeous look and make them appear fashionable and stylish.

Gold Rings in Big Size:

Let’s have a look at top 9 designs of big size golden rings for men and women.

1. Spider Web Big Gold Rings for Women:

Young girls always love to wear something exclusive and unique as it lends them stylish and different looks. This kind of spider web designed big gold rings is the perfect choice for them and the small diamonds embossed on top the web gives a stunning look to the wearer as well to ring also.

2. Crown Shape Big Gold and Diamond Ring for Men:

Since decades men appreciate to wear ring which reflects their persona and style. This crown shaped big gold ring with diamonds would make them appear oodles and remarkable when worn. The ring has sparking diamonds studded at both the ends. This ring could be a exclusive way to tell the world that you are a wealthy person also.

3. 18 K Gold Big Ring with Diamonds:

Diamonds and gold are said to be the best friends of females.  The entire big sized rings is crafted in pure 18k gold and the oval shape ball is crafted with diamonds and gold  making it appear a   gorgeous piece of ring. Every female would love this ring without any complains.

4. Square Shaped Big Gold Ring for Men:

Men’s are very fashion conscious and choose a ring which makes them appear stylish and adds more personas to their look. The ring is crafted and is bigger in size than normal ones and is designed in square shape. The ring makes him stands out and speaks volumes about his choice.

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5. Stylish Big Gold Rings for Girls:  


Very unique in style fashion and altogether in a different leagues in this big size gold rings with yellow sapphire stones crowned on it. The ring is crafted in a spiral shape with sapphire fixed in between making it a stylish ring for young ones.

6. Designer Big Gold Ring with Ivory Pearl:

Pearl and gold is timeless and never goes out of fashion, so once bought can be even passed to next generations. The ring is crafted in an amazing pattern where in small white fresh water pearls are crowned thus giving it a dazzling look

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7. Men’s Wall Pattern Big Gold Rings:  

Men’s adore wearing those rings which has exclusive design and makes them appear fashionable and hot. The ring is made in white and yellow gold in a wall pattern. This type of ring could be worn on daily basis as well a great office wear as nothing can go wrong with it.

8. Pure Gold Filigree Big Gold Rings for Girls:

The ring is crafted in an intricate and artistic way thus looks awesome when worn. The ring is made of filigree pattern and it covers the half finger and adds more looks when worn. The delicate design adds more charm to it.

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9. Big Rose Gold Wedding Rings:

Big rose gold rings are marvellous look at and could be memorable ones. As wedding is an memorable day for everyone of us, so this ring would be a perfect pick for that day. A big diamond is crowned in the centre of the ring with small uncut diamonds studded in layers as well at sides thus lending an exotic look to wearer.

The gold rings are available in many designs and pattern and these big sized ones are crafted in white and rose gold also. Now these type of rings have taken the room as wedding or engagement ring as because it looks very classy as well makes give the wear a astonishing and oodles appearance. As gold jewel and it’s design never goes out of fashion so once bought can be worn by generations.