9 Beautiful Looking 22k Gold Jewellery Bangles Designs

9 Beautiful Looking 22k Gold Jewellery Bangles Designs

22 karat gold bangles are a dream of many ladies belonging to not to rich class. The ladies from the high society would definitely have a choice for their regular changing jewelry. Though there are not a single or two designs that twist our mind from purchasing a new design of bangles. A variety of bangle designs in 22 karat gold can be seen with magnificent looks and luxury.

Indian Traditional Bangles 22k Gold:

Let us look into have some best designs in 22ct gold bangles for special occasions in india

1. 22 Karat Gold Meenakari Gold Bangles:

A beautiful collection of bangles set of four thin bangles and two kada bangles on the ends look brilliant when designed with the exclusive art of meenakari in jewelry. The 22 k gold bangles meenakari design will set beautifully with any traditional outfit.

2. 22k Gold Bangles Set with Kadas:

A set of 8 bangles and 2 kadas with beautiful traditional design of crated jewelry can be seen in the 22 ct gold bangles from the traditional Indian craftsmen collection. The beautiful and fine designs on the bangles reflect the challenging craft work Indian jewelry craftsmen show.

3. 22 Karat Gold Filigree Patta Bangles:

Kadas are the simplest yet out showing designs of bangles worn by Indian women even in regular days. The kadas are broad bangles that also are beautifully crafted in 22 carat gold bangles. The filigree patta work on the bangles looks incredible.

4. 22 Karat Gold Pearl Bangles:

Amazing art with the combination of pearls stud in 22kt gold bangles set. Beautiful not so broad kada bangles can be made with pearls stud eventually between the gold craft work on bangles. Kadas can be made with the screw attachments that are made for the easy wear of the bangles on hand.

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5. 22 Karat Gold Diamond Stud Broad Bangle:

22 karat gold bangle in a shape of large one piece kada is nowadays very much in the fashion jewelry. A single kada is enough for the beauty of your hand. An amazing design with gold beads and diamonds stud all over the kada is an incredible designer piece.

6. 22 Karat Gold Ruby Stud Bangles:

22 karat gold bangles brilliantly designed with amazing uncut white and red ruby diamonds. The combination of shinning white diamonds, red ruby and the glamorous yellow gold will bring the four stars to your jewelry collection.

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7. 22 Karat Jodha Akbar Bangles:

The new rend of jewelry always reflect its design from the ancient art. The Jodha Akbar jewelry is famous for its unique designs. Bold patterns and polished gold with simple yet exclusive designs make the jewelry outstanding. A 22 carat bangle kada set of an irregular round shape with beautiful design on the surface is just what one needs to glam up with.

8. 22 Karat Antique Bangles Set:

The antique designer jewelry has never faded its glamour. A bit of twist in the designs of bangles brings even more attractive creations. A 22 karat gold bangles Indian collection of ancient jewelry designs can look incredible even with a pinch of latest designs.

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9. Beautiful Crafted 22k Gold Bangles:

A 22 karat gold jewelry bangle of an irregular round shape looks an outstanding piece of jewelry. Beautiful filigree work along with diamond studding in kada gives a beautiful set of bangles.

Beautiful filigree works in bangles have made its highest place among the designer 22k gold bangles. The diamond stud bangles and meenakari work on bangles have been all time favorite. Bangles today have not only remained with the same old round shape. But a variety of shapes have been given to the bangles like the square shape, irregular twisted shapes, wavy shapes and many incredible designs suit the eyes for the next jewelry shopping.

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