9 Beautiful Tennis Bracelets for Men and Women

Ever wondered where the Tennis bracelets started? The Tennis bracelets have an interesting history and as a piece of beautiful jewellery, it is unparalleled. Let’s take a look at how this beautiful bracelet design and what other custom design options are being created today. If you are a one who invests in classic pieces of jewellery which will never go out of style, then choosing the tennis Bracelets will be the design for you.

The timeless appeal of this bracelet combined with their ability of easily transforming from day to evening wear makes these as popular bracelets and a smart pick for every woman. In terms of the tennis bracelets, the most common gemstone to be featured is that of a diamond.

Different Types of Tennis Bracelets:

Go to the next level of design taking the standard of these designer tennis bracelets to the next level!

1. Diamond Tennis Bracelet for Female:

A diamond tennis bracelet can be very expensive, as it can be made with cubic zirconium and sterling silver which is affordable and more feasible to many women and girls. While choosing, choose this bracelet which gives a perfect traditional look for the functions. It can be polished with the stunning diamond material and give the trendier look than others.

2. Sterling Loveable Silver Bracelet:

The diamond tennis bracelet is designed to fit close to the wrist and they generally do have charms. This type of bracelets was traditionally done with silver material Make sure that; this bracelet is a perfect gift for your lovable persons. Silver tennis bracelet can appeal to women of all ages.

3. Gold And Diamond Tennis Bracelet:

The gold tennis bracelet is a flexible thin chain bracelet containing a single row of matched individually set diamonds that simply exudes class and gives the glamor and charm look. These bracelets are made specially and they have a number of designs. This bracelet can be made with the combination of gold and diamond.

4. Black And Blue Diamond Tennis Bracelet:

This black and blue diamond tennis bracelet is a perfect outfit for men and women jewellery collection. It can be best for gifts, impressing your loved ones, in order to fit in fashion, make someone love more and much more. This design is also great for business and it can be made with the two colored diamond collection which gives the unique look.

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5. Solid White And Yellow Gold Tennis Bracelet:

Tennis bracelets have the high quality when compared with other designs. The primary reason, to wear this design is that it has the best craftsmanship with their edges and cuts. This yellow with white combined gold tennis bracelet contains very well trimmed stones. It gives the more beauty to your hands.

6. Tennis Bracelet With Adjustable Slider:

When shopping around for a tennis bracelet, these availing many different styles to choose from. The tennis bracelet is made with the adjustable slider and that could be a more comfortable one too worn to your hands. When you’re searching to buy a classic piece of jewellery, a tennis bracelet is a great option. These bracelets are also the best gift for birthstone gift.

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7. Round Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet:

This round baguette diamond bracelet gives the affordable look to the wearers. Tennis bracelet will be the perfect choice for everyday use that gives a quality and richness to their look. This design is diamond toned with white shiny stones and it is the perfect match for teen girls giving the modern and trendier look than others.

8. Tennis Wedding Bracelet:

The wedding bracelets are more precious than other bracelet designs. You can choose your wedding bracelet with this design and make sure that it is a perfect gift for your lovable person. This design can be made with gold tone and decorated with shiny stones giving a trendy look.

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9. Fashion Girls Tennis Bracelet:

Tennis bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewellery intended to be worn on special occasions. This fashionable tennis bracelet gives a trendy look and it can be braided with green and gold toned material and it has the layered design. This is a perfect accessory for girls to enhance their look unique one among the crowds.

The origin of the term diamond tennis bracelet is well known in the jewellery world. No matter what is your budget, you can find the perfect tennis bracelet designs for the special person in your life. Of course, more karats is not necessarily better and what really makes the choice better is that the innovative thought that goes into your mind and the perfect idea that comes out of it. Whether you opt to get a 1 karat diamond bracelet or a 10 karat bracelet, sure you will love them when you put them on your wrist.