9 Best Comfortable Maternity Nightwear Clothes

Motherhood brings you abundant joy but it also brings you sleepless nights and discomfort. During the last trimester, sleeping becomes a big task because of your baby bump. You need to be in utmost comfortable clothing to sleep peacefully. Normally maternity night wear is stretchable to fit your increasing body.

Nightwear for Pregnant Ladies in India:

Here are few types of maternity nightwear.

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1. Maternity Sleeping Gown:

Maternity sleeping gowns are long to below the knee length gowns. They are made of soft cotton and satin to provide extra comfort to your body. You can spoon, sit and sleep in your relaxed position. They are mostly stretchable. They look classy. To add some sex appeal, laces and cuts also added.

2. Pyjama Dress for Night Use in Pregnancy:

Maternity pyjama is similar to our regular pyjama, except it has a belt to support the belly. They are made of 100% cotton. They are super comfortable and are as stretchable as yoga pants. Many of them come in prints and colours to lift up the mood. You can wear them with your t_shirt and tank tops.

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3. Ladies Maternity Nightdress:

Maternity nightwear dress is similar to night gown, except it is till or above the knee. They are super comfortable and sexy at same time. Mostly they have laces to add extra oomph to your look.  Many times, they come with quick feeding access, helping you to use it even after the baby as arrived. A robe is also worn with it.

4. Maternity Night Robe:

It is true hormones make your body temperature rise, making you feel hot all the time. Hence many pregnant ladies sleep in minimum clothes. The maternity night robe is big robe which mostly wraps around your body. You can tie it up or wrap it and be ready for the day.

5. Maternity Nightwear Shirt:

Maternity night shirt is long shirt with front opening. They mostly worn during last trimester, especially in the 9th month when delivery can happen any time. They are loose in fit. They are meant to be worn with shorts or pyjamas.

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6. Maternity Night Short Dress:

Maternity night short dress is similar to night gown, except its length is above the knee to mid_thigh. They flowy and loose, Mostly they have straps and light. They are made of chiffon or cotton to be soft and breezy. They come in amazing prints and cuts.

7. Maternity Maxi Night Dress:

Maternity maxi night dress is worn by most Indian women during pregnancy. As it is the culture that asks women to hide the baby bump, so this is perfect for them. You can sleep, sit and does your house work comfortably. They mostly have nursing opening, hence can be used later on too. They are mostly made of cotton. You normally wear an under_skirt below it.

8. Maternity Kaftan Nightwear:

Maternity kaftan is just as our kaftan. They are very loose. You can fasten them with strings in the side. They are meant to be worn from the beginning to the end of pregnancy. It is the ideal choice of all middle_class women.

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9. Maternity Nursing Top:

Maternity Nursing tops are loose maternity top which has opening for nursing. They are mostly like tunics, being very comfortable. It is mostly preferred after the delivery. They come in many cuts. Mostly they are of cotton, and come in various cut options.

Nobody is going to judge you to what you wear to sleep. It is all about your comfort. Maternity nightwear is boon to all new mothers. There are a lot of options which helps to fulfill all your needs.

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