9 Best Grade 1 Carat Diamond Rings in Different Shapes

Diamonds are something that every woman goes crazy about it. It represents the sign of love. Diamond is a kind colourless and shining stone that is particularly used in Ladies jewellery. Especially in engagement, a man lets his woman wear diamond rings. It is impossible to find women who do not possess a diamond ring. Diamond rings are specifically made in 1 carat because they are not very expensive and give a delicate look.

Latest and Stylish 1 Carat Diamond Rings for All Occasions:

1 Carat diamond rings possess class and status. Nowadays couple chooses one ct diamond rings for their engagement which comes in pair. Even while proposing, a guy gifts a diamond ring to his girl.

1. 1 Ct Diamond Solitaire Ring:

This is called a solitaire diamond ring. It comes with only a single diamond. Even a single diamond is sparkling like a star. A lady can wear this ring on a daily basis. Even I have a ring of the same design and wearing it daily. It is simple in design but yet effective.

2. 1 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring:

This is so beautiful diamond ring is designed for engagement. When a guy puts this ring on her lady’s finger, she will be happy to see this design. This diamond ring is made of white gold. Everyone will ask a lady to let them see the design.

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3. 1 Carat Trendy Diamond Rings:

It is a new trend of wearing 3 to 4 rings on a finger. Some ladies wear 3 or 4 rings. It will look unique on women’s fingers. You can try this wearing in any function. Even the size of each ring differs from the other.

4. Princess Cut 1 Carat Diamond Ring:

This will be really expensive as there are so many diamonds studded in this ring. The middle diamond is big, accompanying small diamonds on both sides. It looks fabulous, and it has crystal clear diamonds with an awesome design.

5. 1 Carat Heart Shape Diamond Ring:

This is a special 1 karat diamond ring. When a guy bows down on their knees and proposes to his girl, this can be the best ring. It has heart shape diamond studded in between. It looks royal and classy. Will surely lose one in the shine of this heart shape diamond.

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6. Designer 1 Carat Diamond Ring for Engagement:

It is a special creation of a diamond ring. It is a designer ring designed in a very delicate way. In between one diamond, there is a very nice flower attached to one side. On one side, there is a series of diamonds too. It is looking so expensive also.

7. 1 Carat Diamond Couple Rings:

This is a set of two means couple rings with a 1_carat diamond. On each ring, half the side of the heart is designed. By keeping this ring together, it will complete a heart. This is perfect for either engagement or marriage. It depicts the bonding between the two people.

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8. 1 Carat Diamond Promise Ring:

This is a diamond_studded promise ring given to your life partner with a promise of commitment to each other. It has a really stylish and exclusive design with a high_class diamond. Promise Ring means spending your whole life with that person only.

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9. 1 Carat Men’s Diamond Ring:

This is a men’s ring with a diamond. It has 5 diamonds in a square shape. This ring was gifted to Groom at his wedding. Men’s ring is simple in design and does not carry many delicacies. Still, it is expensive and elegant. The design is sophisticated.

1_carat diamond is small in size at a reasonable price. It is affordable and can be the best way of gifting to your close relatives too. Women’s diamond ring comes in so many varieties of designs. It demands the work of excellence as women always need a new pattern in the diamond ring. Almost every lady will be crazy behind the diamond.

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