9 Best Models of Low Rise Jeans For Men And Women

Jeans are among the most versatile garment we have ever come across, be it for men and women. While they can aptly fit in for several events and times, one of the most sought after and a favourite for the new-gen youth is the low hip jeans. Also, know as low-cut jeans or low waist jeans, these types of pants sit below hips, and that’s what makes them stand apart. For the stylish, trendy look and modern appearance, these low hip pants are considered a favourite by the youth of today. So, we are here to round up and pick the top trending variants in these types and help you choose the perfect pick for yourself!

Features of Low Rise Jeans:

While low waist jeans for girls, boys, men, and women are already famous, here are a few distinct features of these pants, which you must know.

They come in different shades and variants. You can find colours similar to regular denim pants.
You can find low rise jeans in both budget brands as well as expensive high-end ones. They are available across stores given their popularity
Men and women’s low waist jeans differ to an extent. While men’s variants may appear bit baggy given their style and body structure, women’s jeans range from being tight skin fit or even relaxed fit too.
If you think there is only one type of low rise jeans, you are wrong. They again have several sub-variants such as distressed or faded/ripped jeans, straight leg ones, stretchable variants, bell-bottom look, bootcut, and so on! So worry not, you have ample options to choose from!

Which Body Shape Women Suitable to Wear Low Rise Jeans:

Well, this is a common question for us. How to pick the right and best men’s and women’s low rise jeans, depending on their body structure?! Here we go!

Most of the low rise jeans are ideal for men and women who are average or taller in height.
For women, if you have the hourglass body shape and petite structure, you can easily pull off these low rise jeans. On the other hand, women with apple or pear shape, it may be challenging for you guys!
There are specific variants specially made for plus size and heavy, curvy women. They are comfortable too!
For men, be it athletic or muscular body shape, you can go ahead. But for entirely oval body shape, it may get challenging.

Best Low Rise Jeans For Men And Women 2020:

Let us check out the top 9 womens and mens low rise jeans designs,

1. Skinny Low Rise Jeans:

These low rise skinny jeans are extremely tight-fitting and have narrow leg holes. They look extremely beautiful on slim girls and they can accentuate their best features. These jeans are tight from the waist till the ankles.

2. Low Cut Skinny Low Rise jeans:

Low rise jeans women’s range consists of more than 20 categories of jeans. Boot-cut, Straight, Skinny, Boyfriend, Slim, Baggy, flared are some of the widely known types of jeans. These are adapted by people as per their body structure.

3. Bell Bottom Low Rise Women’s Jeans:

Bell bottom jeans are another variation in this women’s jeans though this style was present in the 1990s and in earlier 2000s and caught much of attention. Many celebrities were seen wearing these jeans and making a statement.

4. Designer Low Rise Jeans:

This women’s jeans that are now available in the market are in designer form also. You can expect lace or some print on the thigh till your lower leg. These are also catching attention from the people and generally, the younger people are adopting these trends very quickly.

5. Washed Out Low Rise Men’s jeans:

These jeans are even worn by men. There will be a lot of men’s jeans available in the market if you want to check out. Jeans are normally considered unisex so the designs and patterns obviously will be generic to both the genders.

6. Cowboy Low Rise jeans:

Another kind of low rise men’s jeans and very similar to bell-bottom jeans are the cowboy jeans. When clubbed with cowboy boots they surely never fail to make a statement.

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7. Straight Cut Low Rise jeans:

Straight cut low rise jeans men is another trend that can never go wrong surely. Jeans are a very important part of a man’s wardrobe so if you are planning to look casual these jeans will surely give the look you want.

8. Hipster Jeans:

These redden jeans low rise pattern looks very rough and tough. These shredded jeans are very common these days as more and more celebrities are seen wearing them and are very chic. These are also called Ripped jeans.

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9. Boyfriend Low Rise Jeans:

Very interesting women’s low rise jeans category is the boyfriend jeans. They look as if you are wearing the jeans for your boyfriend, though they look very similar to baggy jeans but are very different. This style useful for those girls who like to try a little different look.

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Low rise jeans for men and women are a very essential piece of clothing as they not only make you look fit but also very up to date with the recent trends and fashion statements. They can be clubbed with t shirts, Crop Tops, Tank tops etc.