9 Best Stone and Beads Crystal Jewellery Designs in India

Jewellery have always being a centre of attraction for every gender and when it comes to crystal jewellery its resembles your fashion, taste and even your faith. Now a day’s people are getting attracted towards crystal jewellery as it gives your appearance a different look and make you look more attractive. White crystal jewellery attracts your attention as they give a divine and purity look.

Crystal Jewelry Designs:

Here we explain top crystal jewellery design with different varieties and designs.

1. Unique Crystal Bridal Jewellery Set:

Weddings have always being very special for every one of us so why not bride’s jewellery also special too. This unique crystal necklace charms everyone on yours big day and also enhances your beauty too. As wedding symbolizes love and purity in relationship similarly white crystal designs also reflects the purity. These crystal fashion jewellery are designed in intricate way so that it gives your neckline a beautiful dazzling effect.

2. Vintage Crystal Butterfly Jewellery for Girls:

Vintage jewellery has always being appreciated as its designs and colour combinations charm every woman on earth. By adding on small insect butterfly to the jewellery you can give a different look to this vintage crystal set. As butterfly is adored for its looks, by adding this insects you give an adorable look to yourself as well to your jewellery also. You can even use coloured crystal also for these types of jewellery.

3. Colourful Crystal Beads Jewellery:

Now a day’s people wear crystal beads as a jewel as different faith and beliefs are associated with it. There are enormous beads available and every coloured bead as its own resemblance. It comes in different colours like black, grey, blue, pink and many more. Like red stone is known as Garnet and it’s a faith that if your business is not running good, by use of this stone you can make your business run successful. A grey crystal bead is known as Hematite and is used to improve relationship.

4. Stunning Crystal Stone Jewelry:

Crystal Stone jewellery is always appreciated as it has a stunning and stylish look. These stone engraved with crystals also known as healing crystals. Like this crystal stone is well known as “Lapis” and it is said that that it protects from any harm by clearing all the negative energies from the energy field and cleanses your mind.

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5. Beautiful Crystal Bracelet Design:

Crystal bracelets on your hands look beautiful. It helps to give your persona a stylish and fashionable look. Crystal bracelets can be given any shape and design according to your own choice. A beautiful bracelet conveys lot of things about you as hand is the most visible part of the body. You can even style the crystal bracelet with stone or with different beads according to your choice.

6. Spiritual Crystal Pendant for Women:

Some people have spiritual attitude so they even style their jewels in a spiritual way and giving a new look to their jewels. You can add any sort of pendants or a small miniature according to you faith and belief. This type of jewels displays your belief and your spiritual mind set.

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7. Crystal Name Plate Necklace with Heart:

Engraving your name with crystals is the unique way to let the world know about you. You can even add a small heart which adds more charm to the necklace. This style of jewel can be a good idea of gifting a unique gift to your loved ones which has its name.

8. Dazzling Crystal Earrings:

If you want to look simple but different from others, then crystal earrings are the one which can make you look simple but elegant from others. You can style the crystal earrings in your own way by adding a colour stone matching with your gown and personality.

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9. Crystal Pearl Pendant Jewels:

Getting a Crystal pendant is for women’s of every age is just like a dream come true and if pearls are added to it what else is left to add beauty to this piece of jewellery. Though this combination would be heavy on your pocket but pearls with crystals is a great combination and you can even wear them on any occasion you want.

Crystal Jewellery in modern times has always being in fashion as it gives you a dazzling look to your personality. According to your choice and style you can design your choice jewellery and can even style it to your own beliefs and faith. Crystal jewellery has always being appreciated by both men and women.