9 Best Travel and Business Tumi Bags in Different Models

Tumi bags has been named a Peruvian ceremonial knife which was used for scarifies. The company is based in New Jersey and is one of the leading manufacturers of bags and suitcases. The company has the outlet and stores all over the world and its bags are available in leading shopping malls also. Apart from bags, Tumi has also specialized in accessories like pens, belts and electronic equipment. Tumi bags are designed from ballistic nylon, leather and many other high-quality products. The bag is awesome to look and to use even.

Different Types of Tumi Bags in India 2020:

Let’s have a look at top 9 designs of Tumi Bags for office, travel and domestic use.

1. Tumi Cool Duffle Bags for Teens:

Duffle bags are generally cylindrical in shape and made from canvas. It has drawstrings to for closure of the bag. The Tumi bag appears to be very stylish as it has front pockets and a big compartment for storage. Above the string, it has flap foe safety and broad straps to carry the bag. The bag is a cool looking bag college-goers.

2. Tumi Camera Bags:

Some people are fond of photography and prefer to have separate camera bags. Tumi has designed a perfect camera bag for such people keeping in mind all the integrities of a camera and its other accessories. The bags are padded all over to lend safety to the camera and it’s very handy and easy to use.

3. Tumi Travel Tote Bags for Girls:

While travelling you requires a comfortable travel shoulder bag, thus Tumi has tote bags for you. The bag has a smooth finish and is pretty big in size so that you can carry the essentials while you are on the move. The bag has small straps so that it can comfortably be hanged on shoulders.

4. Tumi Gym Bag:

To stay fit and fine you need to visit a gym, thus Tumi has designed a perfect and durable bag for gym lovers. The bag has separate compartments for storage and comfortable handles to carry the bag easily. It has the small front pouch with zipping on to keep your mobile while you are exercising.

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5. Tumi Cross Body Bag:

Tumi designs a very stylish and cool looking cross body bags. The metallic accessories used in the bag enhances the appearance of the bag and has smooth long straps so hanged on the shoulders thus giving a dazzling look to the person.

6. Tumi Slim Laptop Bag:

As now the laptop has become a necessity tumi laptop bags are very feasible and flexible to use. The bag has several padded pockets outside and inside to keep the laptop safely. The bag has handles as well paddy straps for carrying the laptop.

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7. Stylish Tumi Bag for Women:

Here comes a stylish and flashy bag designed by Tumi especially for women. It has knife shape interlock for closure, enhancing the look of the bag. The bag big front pouches as well a big cabinet for storing the personal item. The bag gives you a minimalistic look when carried to any place.

8. Tumi Bags for Men:

The bag has several small pockets outside for storage and a big compartment at the back. The stylish pockets and pattern in the front make the bag look different from others and stylish when carried by men. The bags are available in many colours and shapes thus giving men’s enormous choice to pick a stylish one for them.

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9. Tumi Luggage Bag:

Tumi luggage bags are very handy and comfortable to use as while designing the functionality are kept in mind. The bag has rotation wheels and an adjustable handle for pulling the bag. The bags are available in wide ranges and size and you can opt the one according to your choice.

Tumi bags are very handy and amazing to look and even to use as the makers of the bag kept in mind the functionality of the bag while designing it. The bag is trendy to look at and Tumi has a vast collection and varieties of bags. You can get any type or category of bag you require in Tumi. The bag is durable and has strong closure and can be held for a number of years.