9 Classic Diamond Solitaire Bangles in Gold

Bangles are one of the most traditional Indian jewelry and women´s  wear it on a daily basis in Indian as well as there are Bangles which are worn especially during an Occasion.White gold bangles, Solid Gold bangles with solitaire diamonds or platinum bangle with diamonds are worn by young girls to aged
women during Parties or special traditional function.

Simple Solitaire Diamond Bangles Designs:

To know about the various types and design of Solitaire bangles here are Top 9 Solitaire Bangle plotted out which will help ladies to select the bangle with these listed design.

1. Solid Gold Band with Solitaire Diamond:

Bangle made from a solid piece of yellow gold without any design or craving on the bangle which is been beautified with a single piece of Solitaire diamonds speaks beauty by itself.The thickness of the bangle is the personal choice.

2. White Gold-Glitz Solitaire Bangle:

Recent for about 10 years the fascination to wear a different color of Gold has captured the gold makers mind to bring out innovative designs on such design is by using White gold to make bangles which are simple and plain studded with a single piece of Solitaire stone on the center.

3. Designer Double Tone-Solitaire Bangle:

Double tone can be of any two colors of the gold combination.The most trendy now are white and yellow gold combination.Which is paired with the precious stone.One side of the bangle with yellow color and another part with gold with three single stone diamond in will be the apt jewelry for any occasion.

4. Designed Gold Bangle with Row Solitaire Diamonds:

Inside of single diamond on the center going for a row lined with the single diamond on the bangle will definitely sparkle out in the crowd.Mostly worn by middle and aged women.This kind of bangle is generally very pricey.

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5. Grooved Gold Bangles with Solitaire Diamonds:

The gold band is been grooved at the middle and made into two lines of gold at the side and at the center row of single diamond placed with gaps in between the Bangle.This is definitely a must-have bangle in women jewelry collection.

6. Ruby-Rose Gold – Solitaire Bangle:

Coming rose gold with bright red emerald and Solitaire diamonds is a bliss to look at.Due to its ethnic colors, this design of bangles will go well with salwar suits and sarees with the mild design.

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7. Gold-Solitaire Curved Bangle:

Instead of usual ring design, a curved Solitaire bangle design will definitely be more fashionable and can be matched with indo-western outfits.The curved bangle has s a center solitaire diamond studded.Which brings more glow to the design.

8. Rose Gold-Solitaire Diamond Bangle:

Rose gold is the type of Gold color wherein there is less content of Copper content.This color of generally has been a trend in recent years, the ladies like trying out different colors of jewelry adding to their list is this rose gold combination with solitaire single diamond studded in the center.

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9. Emerald Diamond Solitaire Bangle in Gold:

Emerald stone natural green sparkling stone which means the symbol of love and beginning of new life The combination of emerald with solitaire diamond stone bangle is worth owning it due to its color combination: Light color salwar or saree will go very well with this color combination.

There are various design and type of bangle which can be with stones in the market.Ladies who are considering diamond stone on the bangle, then on the list tops the Solitaire stones due to its elegant and rich look which is brought out when worn and also one diamond on the bangle is comparatively less pricey than other types of diamonds which are any floral design.