9 Cute Butterfly Anklets in Different Designs

Anklets are that trendy ornamental accessory worn by both men as well as women. These fashion accessories in today’s times have been in existence since time immemorial. Anklets can be of any metal like gold, silver, bronze or even materials like crochet, leather, strings, etc. There can be embellishments and patterned designs in an anklet for that additional beauty to it and butterfly anklets are looks more beautiful than others.

Latest Butterfly Anklets for Men and Women in Trend:

Let us explore the fashionable butterfly anklets here in this article. Select your loved one and try it.

1. Simple Butterfly Anklets for Men:

This is a simple anklet made of hemp fabric with turquoise beads and golden butterflies stringed beautifully. The anklet is in a knotted pattern as it is made of hemp cord, black in colour. This anklet is fully handmade.

2. Wooden Butterfly Anklets for Men:

This lovely looking beaded butterfly anklet has black wooden beads with colourful small beads made into a foot anklet pattern. The anklet has the butterfly motif made out of bone carving. The anklet is made of blue crochet thread and is perfect in a whole as a fashion accessory.

3. White Butterfly Anklet:

This is a classic anklet for both men as well as women. This has an acrylic butterfly in white with cotton waxed strings. The delicate look in this anklet is what makes this simple yet elegant. The acrylic butterfly is the most important highlight in this anklet.

4. Steel Butterfly Anklets for Men:

This is perfect for men with minimalistic needs for accessories. Steel can be identified with men and this delicate anklet in steel is chiselled beautifully with tiny butterflies on them.

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5. Black Lace Butterfly Anklet:

This is just like a choker for the neck. This black lace anklet looks awesome. This is a blue beaded crystal butterfly anklet with twisted black lace with a metallic butterfly charm pendant. This is perfect for an evening party. This is an ideal gift for a woman which is sure to bring smiles to her face instantly.

6. Funky Butterfly Anklet for Women:

This is one colourful, funky butterfly anklet matching for any casual outfit. The chain is delicate and the colourful butterflies are made with sea shells and fixed adjacent to each other completing the anklet.

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7. Golden Designer Butterfly Anklet:

This is one lovely designer butterfly anklet in gold. This gold anklet is a must have for a woman. This designer anklet is made in delicate gold chain with golden beads and butterfly motifs with cut out designs in inside made of flowers and leaves.

8. Butterfly Anklet in Sterling Silver:

Anklets look spectacular in sterling silver. This butterfly anklet in silver is perfect for a woman and matches her persona. This anklet has two lines of small silver beads and the butterflies with beads are strung beautifully. The butterflies are made in filigree work.

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9. Rose Gold Butterfly Anklet:

This amazing beauty is created out of steel with 18 carat rose gold plating on it. The anklet chain is delicate and simple with the single winged butterfly motif on the anklet at four or five places. The butterfly motif is actually placed like a charm with two strings and beads attached to it.

Butterfly Anklets are that unique jewellery or fashion accessory which adds many dimensions to one’s charm and personality. You don’t need occasions to flaunt anklets as one can actually wear them every single day. With the wide options and designs available, anklets are a fashion trend setter now.