9 Different Types of Wooden Bangles

9 Different Types of Wooden Bangles

Bangles are the one which can be worn with any outfit and is very popular in every culture since olden days. The wooden bangles enhance the look of your hand and make you appear unique and elegant. The wooden bangles are available in different pattern and design and are becoming a trendsetter for every age group.

Stylish Wooden Bangles:

Wooden bangles are available in many shades and pattern and you can choose them according to your fashion and taste. Here we present some top designs of wooden bangles.

1. Eye Catching Wooden Bangles:

Wooden bangles can be created by skilled manpower. It requires lots of skills and after intense hardship wooden bangles can be created. These bangles have lustrous appearance and you can create a style statement with it. These bangles are painted in many colours and on rotating you can see different colour from every angle thus making you look unique and different from others.

2. Carving Wooden Bracelets:

You can even do carving on wooden bracelets as it can be smoothly carved and you can create your own design desired by you. You can carve any design like a flower, or any shape which would enhance the look of bangle.  These bangles are perfect of any kind of attire you wear and makes you appear unique and elegant.

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3. Square Shaped Unfinished Wooden Bangles:

You can have different shape bangles like square, triangle and many more. You get the desired shape by you and you can wear them to mark a fashion. You can get these bangles can be broad shaped as well in sleek format also. So you can choose it according to your wrist shape and size. You can wear them on daily basis without fear of going anything wrong with it.

4. Gold Print Wooden Bangles:

One of the best accessories worn by young girls, collage girls or teenagers is simple but elegant looking bangles. The wooden bangles with gold print embossed on it can make you appear different from others. It works as an instant look changer and gels with kind of dress you wear. They are even easy to maintain so can be worn roughly also.

5. Colourful Plain Wooden Bangles:

Colourful bangles can tempt anyone and you cannot resist yourself to have one. They are available in enormous shades and are available at very less price. So you can become the owner of as much bangles as you want and daily change them according to your outfit, thus creating a style in front of your friends and colleagues. Your hands look lovely and you get enormous compliments.

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6. Vintage Wooden Bangles:

As the name suggest these wooden bangles appear classy and is an eye catcher. You wrist cannot be left unnoticed making you centre of attraction in the entire party. These bangles can be found in many shades and are available in bunch. So according to your choice you can wear them an flaunt your style.

7. Designer Wooden Bangles:

These sets of designer wooden bangle are the ones which can be worn on any occasion you want. It can be worn on daily basis and also in offices, as they have a subtle look it can be worn anytime you desire. It gives you the designer feel and makes you appear exclusive.

8. Stone Studded on Wooden Bangles:

The wooden bangle can be modified in any form you desire. You can paint the bangles in gold colour and emboss stones which enhance the look of the bangles in many folds. In between you can emboss a stone of bigger size which would be widely visible ant attract people. These bangles look very elegant and can be a good wedding wear also.

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9. Henna Designs Wooden Bangles:

Here comes something unique for you in wooden bangles. You can do hand painting in henna designs and in between you can emboss crystal or stones bindi thus creating an exclusive bangles. These bangles can be worn by every age group and on any occasion you want.

The wooden bangles never go out of fashion. So once you own them you can wear them as long as you want. They are even easy to maintain and doesn’t prick your pockets very heavily also.

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