9 Glory Keshi Pearls Jewellery Models for Women in 2020

Keshi pearls are the Natural pearls obtained either from the Tahitian sea or the Australian South Sea. But there are also pieces of bread got from the freshwater that has the same characteristics as of the ones got from vast oceans. These Keshi pearls are easily available in the market with different price ranges. The price of the pearls depends upon the size, shape and the quality of the originality.

Best Fashionable Keshi Pearls for Female with Images:

Most of the women are crazy about these types of Keshi pearls so is that here are given top 9 traditional and unique models.

1. Real Freshwater Pearls Necklace:

These freshwater pearls necklace designs are the new trendy fashion jewelry these days. And it is 120 cm long with the shape of the combination of both Keshi and baroque pearls. They look shiny and bright white which makes it glitter with royalty.

2. Large Hooked Earrings:

Presenting the large Keshi pearl earrings that have been the fashion trend among most of the ladies from the past. These earrings suit any type of costumes with much better matching. They are made using 14k Gold wire in hooked model making an added feature for the sparkling beauty of the pearl.

3. South Sea Keshi Pearl Bracelets:

This beautifully designed bracelet is made using the luxurious pearls at Tahitian. They are the high-grade Keshi pearl bracelets with very thick nacre having 7-10mm radial size. It has the grey shade with fancy overtones that has high luster, obtained from the French Polynesia south sea.

4. Floating White Keshi Pearl Necklace:

The stunning collection of this pearls jewelry which has the floating white Keshi pearls in multi-strand layers. They are made with onyx and freshwater crystals with sterling silver ‘C’ clasp. This pearls necklace has approximately 45 cm length that can be altered if ordered with customizable size.

5. Eternity Yellow Keshi Pearl Rings:

Here you get to see the collection of Australian Paspaley south sea pearls that is featuring 10mm baroque Keshi pearl ring. You get this alluring combination of yellow gold and 10 diamonds studded on the ring, which is of 0.30 carat. It is the design that is created to be cherished for the eternity.

6. Off White Keshi Pearls Jewelry:

This is the less fancy type model of Keshi pearls necklace design. It is originated from the south sea and has been enhanced for its natural shine. The Keshi pearl beads used here are unaltered in its shape and size, which gives it the natural sparkling look.

7. Freshwater Cultured Keshi Pearl Design:

Make your attire get the best of its accessories that must be like the one of the kind shown here. This is the black Keshi pearls necklace design that is well cultured from the freshwater. A CZ pave connector is used for making it durable and has the finest of luster with the best simple design and quality.

8. Diamond Studded Keshi Pearl Earrings:

You have the shimmering collection of diamond studs which has the natural Keshi pearls. The Keshi pearls stud earrings are from the Tahitian sea with its real black color. The size is approximately 11.5 cm diameter and the value of the stud is enriched by studying it with a diamond stone on it. Along with it, 18k white gold is also made use.

9. Natural White Baroque Keshi Pearls:

Have a try to make your own collection of this pearl jewelry with these loose Keshi pearls. They are in natural white shade with 11-14 mm in size. These white Keshi pearl scans be easily handled and has two-sided holes on it, to make help you in creating your own collection.

The common shades are of pure white, off yellowish white and then the blueish black toned ones. There are also baroque shaped Keshi pearls, for which there is much demand among the fashion lovers. The black Keshi pearls also stand in its ethnicity to get the best of it ranges. Henceforth, you must at least try with a single collection of these pearls, if you haven’t tried it yet. You may fall in love with it.

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