9 Gorgeous Green Pearls jewelry designs for Women

9 Gorgeous Green Pearls jewelry designs for Women

There are a huge collection of green pearl sets is available in variant colours, sizes, designs and patterns with different price ranges. Even in the unique green shade, you get to have variants such as the freshwater pearls, real green pearls, bridal collection, lime green pearls, green bridesmaid pearls and also the antique collection.

Best Green Pearls Jewelry Sets for Women with Images:

Here are some of them ranging from top 9 models of green pearl sets. These are the trendy and traditional designs. Let’s have to look at green pearls jewelry.

1. Two layers Green Pearl Jewelry Set:

This beautiful designed green pearl necklace set comes with the matching green pearl earnings, bracelet and a ring. The pearls are originated from Nigeria, Africa and the two layers are comprised of two sizes in a row. The smaller pearls form the first layer and a little bigger one is embedded on the next layer. For an added beauty, white stones with gold plated metal designs are locked with the pearls.

2. Mint Sea Foam Green Jewelry Set:

Here is the enchanting bridal collection of green pearl jewelry with its earrings. The pearl green colour in this set is the prime highlight of the jewelry. It is made of glass pearl measuring 8 mm with high_quality nylon coated bead wire.

3. Cultured Green Freshwater Pearls Set:

Get your senses a new boost by making this green pearl set all yours. It has semi round shaped white and freshwater green pearls. This jewelry set with 9_10mm sized pearls are a beautiful collection for women which can be worn hand picked  as an extraordinary accessory for a casual wear.

4. 14k Gold Peacock Tahitian Green Pearls Set:

This hand_picked lustrous Tahitian green pearl set is directly imported from the south lagoon of the Tahiti sea. They are affixed together with a 14k high_quality Gold clasp. It is taken best care on the basis of its cleanliness, quality and green pearl colour during its manufacturing, in order that we get the genuine pearl set.

5. Gold Over Green Pearl Necklace:

This exclusive jewelry is literally meant for the festive season which has layers of green pearls above the chains of gold and kundan work necklace. This product has an overall length of 19 inches. This is a fabulous neck piece of real green pearls that gives your outfit a royal touch.

6. Party Wear Green Shell Pearls Set:

Get your hands in this outstanding designer piece of party wear green jades pearl set. This is the unique category of light green pearls which are of shell type. These types are meant for parties, engagements. And are perfect looking with the white and green shell dotted pearls with jade stone as the dollar and the green pearl earrings.

7. Tiger Tail Design Green Pearl Bracelet:

If you were looking for the best quality green pearl bracelets, then this would be the perfect choice for you. The materials made used here are the 4mm white pearls, 6mm green pearls, and 2mm sea beads. They are tied together with a bonding of Tiger tail knots which sets all the beads and the pearls in place.

8. Trendy Gold Plated Green Pearl Set:

Here you get the entire green pearl jewelry set of earrings, ring and the pendant. All the items are gold plated and added with white stone to get that extraordinary shine. This party wear jewelry set also has the modest of green pearl ring that is not always available.

9. Mother of Pearls Green Necklace:

This dramatic type green pearl necklace is made using the mother of pearls and Millefiori glass beads. This is gold colour wired and the fastener is gold colour lily toggle clasp. It is perfect for a princess and the design also resembles green pearls plant design.

The green pearl jewelry set are preferred along with the other shades especially white sea beads and white American stones. They are also available with the combination of gold_plated metals patterned in unique designer models. Hence, they are the best ever choice among the pearl jewelry collections, when there is a requirement of designer jewelry for an engagement or for such similar occasions.

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