9 Latest and Traditional Tamil Mangalsutra Designs

9 Latest and Traditional Tamil Mangalsutra Designs

A mangalsutra is a Sanskrit word from Mangala, which means holy. It is a type of necklace which is an integral part of the wedding. It is an identity that a woman is married. Mangalsutra is an auspicious thread which is tied around a bride’s neck. It is a chain with black beads and sometimes with yellow beads too. Our Hindu tradition believes that Mangalsutra is worn for the long life of a husband. It protects her husband’s life. In Tamil, Mangalsutra is known as ‘thaali’.

Beautiful and New Tamil Mangalsutra Designs for Tamil Brides:

Let us have to look top 9 Tamil mangalsutra designs for weddings.

1. Traditional Tamil Mangalsutra:

This is a Tamil gold mangalsutra possessing the traditional design. It is a simple gold chain with a pendant. The pendant is having beautifully crafted design in gold. On both sides, in round shape, there is an image of God. There is a big design with a flower in the middle.

2. Typical Tamil Mangalsutra:

It is a Tamil mangalsutra design with an image of Goddess Lakshmi. On the plain gold chain, there is a pendant with three coins. On each coin, there is a picture of Goddess Lakshmi drawn. The chain is connected with this pendant with the help of two hoops.

3. Intricately Carved Tamil Mangalsutra:

This Tamil mangalsutra has a chain with black beads. The pendant has intricately carved out designs. A very beautiful round shape pendant has such a mesmerising design. In the middle of the pendant, a design describes the sun’s rays. It is a shaded yellow colour.

4. Triple Chain Tamil Mangalsutra:

It is a Tamil mangalsutra with three types of chains in silver, gold and black beads. It has a special pendant. In it, there are lines of gold created. In the middle of the pendant, a flower of copper colour is covered with an open gold pattern. This is the best Tamil mangalsutra design.

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5. Elegant Tamil Mangalsutra:

It is a dual chain Tamil mangalsutra with an elegant appearance. There is a thin gold chain and a red and green ball. In between, there is a pendant with four big gold balls. In between four balls, there are hanging two gold colour balls with red stone studded.

6. Latest Gold Tamil Mangalsutra:

This is the latest design in Tamil gold mangalsutra with a combination of double chains, black and gold beads and diamonds. There is a pendant with balls carved out with diamonds. There is a black ball in between. Two gold coins are hanging with this pendant.

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7. Tamil Mangalsutra with One Side Pendant:

It is a Tamil mangalsutra with a swirl gold chain. There is a diamond_studded pendant on one side. It is simple and looks unique too. There is very small diamond work on the pendant. This rare pattern of gold mangalsutra catches people’s attention and is extraordinary.

8. Gold Coined Tamil Mangalsutra:

It is just the gorgeous Tamil mangalsutra with two gold coins. There is a gold colour thread_like chain made up of turmeric. There are hanging in the middle two little gold coins. This turmeric thread will glow out your neckline. This will make you look awesome.

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9. Tamil Mangalsutra with God & Goddess Image:

This Tamil mangalsutra design is religious. It has an image of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati on its pendant. The chain has a new pattern. It seems like gold beads are put on each other to form a chain. It is believed that God will always bless her husband.

Tamil mangalsutra is mostly seen with gold colour thread. It defines the Sutra, i.e. thread. There is a conception that this auspicious thread binds the bride and groom into a lifetime relationship. This turmeric thread is considered to be sacred in South India. They have a simple thread with religious pendants. Almost all pendants of mangalsutra possess Goddess images.

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