9 Latest Indian Designer Gold Jewellery Designs

In recent times, jewellery is being used by humans as a mark of social and personal status. Thus, expensive or rare jewellery are being worn by people to show that they belong to the high class society. Gold designer jewellery is one such type of jewellery which is in demand for the aforesaid reason, since gold is expensive.

Gold Designer Jewellery Designs:

Many designers have emerged to develop more designs and meet the demand of such jewellery. Here are the top designer gold jewellery designs for ladies:

1. Designer Gold Jewellery Necklace:

Necklaces are the most common type of Indian gold designer jewellery. This beautiful necklace is heavy and has a lot of work over it. It has a gold chain and has a lot of studded stones including rubies and emeralds. It has a pretty look and can be worn to weddings.

2. Designer Gold Bracelet Design:

A bracelet is Indo-Western, hence it is different from a gold bangle, which is a part of designer Indian gold jewellery. This pretty designer bracelet is entirely gold and has a citrine stone along with diamonds. It is really pretty and can be worn on western wear as well.

3. Designer Gold Earrings for Girls:

Earrings give the finished look to any jewellery worn along with it. This pair of earrings is no exception. It has a base of gold and has amethyst stones dangling from it. It is simple and pretty.

4. Designer Gold Brooch Design:

A brooch is a form of jewellery that is attached to clothing with the help of a clip. This gold brooch is one of the latest designer gold jewellery designs. It is made of gold and has diamond studded on it. It is simple but look really pretty.

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5. Designer Gold Ring with Diamonds and Pearl:

Engagement rings should be simple and classy. This ring fits the category perfectly. Based on gold, it has diamonds attached to it, with a pearl in the centre. It is simply beautiful and the perfect engagement ring. The diamonds make it look elegant.

6. Indian Designer Gold Jhumkas Jewelry:

Jhumka’s are famous Indian gold designer jewellery. This jhumka has a heavy look and enhances the beauty of the ears. It looks good on Indian wear and is one of the latest designer gold jewellery designs.

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7. Designer Antique Gold Necklace:

This is a flawless example of designer Indian gold jewellery. It has perfection written all over it (not literally). The beautiful pendant attached to the gold peacocks has a solid look, in contrast to the entire chain. It forms the perfect necklace for a wedding.

8. Designer Gold Ring for Bridal:

This ring has a beautiful and intricate design. It is entirely gold plated and has a red flower in the middle. The thin leaf like design looks pretty as well as keeps the ring light-weighted. It is an appropriate wedding ring. It has a simple yet classy look, which makes it look good on women of any age.

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9. Traditional Designer Gold Bangles:

Bangles are loved by almost all Indian women. They lend the hand a charming look. These bangles are of the latest designs. The twisted gold bangle can be worn with western wear as well. These are simple as well as beautiful.

Gold jewellery is not only pretty, but gold jewelry has reached high peaks in recent times. Several designers have entered the market and there are in numerous designs to choose from. As the price of gold rises, the demand for it also increases due to snob appeal.

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