9 Latest Magnetic Nose Stud Designs for Womens in Fashion

Magnetic nose stud are of metal with strong quality. It comes in 2 pieces. One you need to insert inside nose and other part will stay out. The inside portion will have magnetic surface which will attract the outer part and will get stuck to it. This way without piercing, you can wear nose stud. It comes in variety of colours. By this you can avoid the tender some process of piercing your nose. Presently, girls don’t like to wear nose ring daily and get a hole on nose. This magnetic nose stud is for them so that they can wear nose ring on some special day only.

Beautiful Designs of Magnetic Nose Rings for Ladies in Trend:

Here are the best magnetic nose pin designs.

1. Magnetic Crystal Nose Stud:

This magnetic nose stud is embossed with white crystal stone. White crystal stone is available in five different sizes. You have to choose according to your nose size. It has steel plate which attracts this crystal stone and becomes a nose stud.

2. Unique Magnetic Nose Stud:

It is a rare design in nose magnetic stud with an elephant motif. A very healthy and cute elephant design is there in nose stud. Inside nose, there is a round plate with high magnet. It seems like an elephant is moving on your nose.

3. Pearl Magnetic Nose Stud:

This nose stud is with three sizes pearl. The pink colour magnetic nose stud is of high standard. This beautiful pearl will get stuck on this magnetic plate. Pearl on nose stud is looking awesome with smooth surface. Apart from pink, other colours are also available in pearl design.

4. Magnetic Steel Heart Stud:

It is a choice of romantic lady. The magnetic nose pin contains heart in steel material. This golden colour heart is to get glued on silver round plate. A lady can attract her man through this nose pin. The heart design is showing the petal of love on her face.

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5. Magnetic Sparkling Nose Ring:

This is stunning magnetic nose ring in silver. Two round beads are attached each other with magnet. The outer bead is embossed with a shining stone. Stones of various colours are there. Stone affixed on ring is looking squashy and fetching heart of ladies.

6. Silver Magnetic Nose Ring with Blue Ball:

In this nose ring, magnet plate is attached on inside. This silver nose ring is having sky blue colour shaded ball. On both side of ball, there is two silver swirls to keep the ball steady. This is an ethnic design and perfect with traditional outfit.

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7. Indian Style Large Nose Hoop:

It is an Indian style magnetic large nose ring. There is a star design on gold nose ring. This nose ring is big and will keep dangling on your face. It is an astounding design with sparkling star. You can even join one chain like bridal nose ring.

8. Simple Magnetic Nose Ring:

This is an antique silver magnetic nose ring with a small circle design. There is an open circular pattern on outer nose. And the ring goes inside where there is a magnetic plate. It is very simple and easy to wear daily. The simplicity is its value.

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9. Magnetic Popular Nose Ring:

This is incredible magnetic nose ring and famous too. There is white diamond on top of nose ring and colour of ring gets changed. With this variety of ring colours, you can match with your outfit. These stupendous nose rings possess the power of attraction.

Magnetic nose stud and ring is in trend currently. It gained fame because of its non_piercing quality. It is admirable and marvellous inspiring delightful mood. Magnetic nose stud are reasonable so you can have as many you like. You can wear new every day. Almost all ladies will prefer to have it because of its striking designs. It is more comfortable.

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