9 Latest Platinum Necklace Jewellery Designs

One of the most enduring types of men’s accessories, necklaces for men have made a lot of progress in the past few years. Necklaces for men are an ideal type of ‘work to play’ accessory as it can be easily tucked under a shirt or T-shirt. Like other types of men’s jewelry, necklaces for men are most commonly seen in contemporary materials like stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten carbide. Platinum chains are a big hit amongst today’s fashionable men.

Beautiful Platinum Necklace Designs with Images:

Wear one of this platinum necklace with the correct outfit and you will be the center of attraction for everyone. Here are the top 9 types of platinum necklaces and chains that will boost your appearance to a new high.

1. Platinum Mesh Necklace:

A chain composed of several small wires combining for a string or chain is called a mesh chain. The chain gives a spring or wire type look for a dashing look to your casuals. These type of platinum necklaces can be worn in different lengths depending on the desired look.

2. Victorious Platinum Necklace with Diamonds:

This graceful platinum Evara necklace is something which adds a blessing in your life with its electric design which consists of around 93 diamonds and no color stones and platinum weight is 34.454. This victorious necklace is a piece that every woman wants in her wardrobe.

3. Platinum Royal Bloom Necklace:

This round necklace is crafted in such a way that when worn with traditional looks amazing in the neck. These platinum necklaces are very popular, versatile and light in weight. Royal Bloom necklaces provide the wearer with a flashy look without adding any weight onto them.

4. Platinum Faceted Cluster Necklace:

This polished necklace consists of faceted beads which are inter-connected with clusters of small polished beads to make an eye-catching design. The neck piece is widely worn in casuals suitable for official functions or also for small events. It is the first choice of the royal women for a simple appearance.

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5. Platinum Cross Pendant Chain Necklace:

Looking for an iconic appearance on any themed party or occasions such as Christmas, birthday, etc. Try a cross pendant platinum necklace for men. The necklace consists of cable chain and a cross pendant suspends from this beautiful platinum chain. The curvy design adds to its uniqueness. Try it on casuals for a rocking look.

6. Platinum Venetian Necklace:

Love wearing geometric shapes as an ornament! Grab a design made from square shaped beads. The only clack looks amazing for those who are willing to have a unified look for casuals in parties, corporate events, marriages, etc. Mostly selected by the aged people, it is also the choice of youths to give their appearance delicacy.

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7. Platinum Infinity Ring Necklace:

Looking for a classy look for any function, event or regular wear! Get an infinity ring necklace which is designed with two polished rings interlocked with each other. The chain gives a smashing appearance to the wearer on both casuals and formals. It is highly selected by the young couples, dancers, ring lovers etc.

8. Platinum Charms:

Platinum pendants are small articles that are put on a chain. The pendants used in these necklaces are small, unlike the ones used in women’s jewelry. These platinum chain necklaces are generally worn such that the pendant rests on the breast bone and is not visible unless you plan to remove your shirt.

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9. Platinum Religious Emblem Necklace:

These necklaces use religious symbols and emblems for pendants. Hindu gods like Shiva, Ganesh and other symbols such as crosses are well known for being used in such necklaces. These platinum pendants are worn by people all around the world due to various religious beliefs.

Women and Men wear necklaces or chains for complementing their look. Necklaces and chains like these provide a very regal look to the wearer. Platinum chains are not too flashy but at the same time, they give you a different kind of elegance. Wear your jewelry cautiously as it says a lot about you and your style.