9 Lovely Heart Necklace Designs for Couples

The heavy neck bound necklaces are now replaced with simple chains and delicate jewelries which are adorned with lovely pendants. Different pendants shapes like mango, tear drop, eye shape, circular, etc., the simple chains have also grabbed their own place in the hearts of women. Among them, the heart necklace designs are the best selected.

Latest and Stylish Heart Necklace Designs for Womens in Trend:

Here are few amazing Heart Necklace Designs widely selected by the women to emboss their looks.

1. Infinite Heart Necklace:

A silver heart necklace designs which also carries the symbol infinite is widely selected to express the unconditional love. The design in silver is given two hearts which form a symbol of infinity through inter connectivity. The necklace represents eternity, everlasting love and empowerment.

2. Heart Key Necklace:

The heart and key designs are quite popular among the lovers. A diamond heart necklace is here given a key attached to it. The simple meaning of gifting this design to your love means that she is the key to your heart. It also represents liberation and freedom.

3. Diamond Gold Heart Necklace:

The gold heart necklace studded with diamonds gives a classy look to the wearer. The simple heart design is given curvy endings for a generous look. This design simply signifies love, purity, innocence, faithfulness and richness which are required in any relationship to make it strong.

4. Personalized Split Heart Necklace:

Split heart necklace designs are quite popular among the lovers. However, personalized heart pendant necklaces are much more liked than any other. The pendant is divided into two parts and names are crafted on both the sides. You can also go with a personalized message if you want.

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5. Symbol Devil Heart Necklace:

A heart shaped necklace when selected on the basis of your personality gives you the best outlook. A similar design here is adopted by giving the heart pendant a devil look. The heart pendant is studded with diamonds with two horns and a tail in gold are attached. It shows the evil side of the wearer

6. Ring Pendant Heart Necklace:

A unique and quite interesting design is visualized in this rose gold heart necklace. The pendant of the necklace is made using a ring which is embossed with several hearts around it, and a heart shape roller studded in diamonds. The design is favorable to be carried at the time of proposing your love.

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7. Simple Touch Heart Necklace:

A simple heart diamond necklace designs is quite emotionally attached to the mother and children relationships. The necklace is given a pendant which is given the idol of a mother holding the hand of her kid which shows the maternal love. The heart is also studded with diamonds to make it livelier.

8. Pink Gemstone Heart Necklace:

A love heart necklace here is given amazing charms to make it more acceptable. The heart is studded with a pink color gemstone, while the heart is also given wings which means angle. The necklace is a simple dedication to the angle of your life with wings as a small message on it which mentions love.

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9. Casual Wear Heart Necklace:

Locket pendants have been the best for any occasion. Here is a similar heart locket necklace design which carries the prints of a butterfly in blue and pink. The locket allows you to keep the images of two people you love the most.

Whether gifted to someone special or worn only for a simplified look, the heart necklace designs have always won the hearts of million jewelry lovers. They universally symbolize compassion, love, unity and affection. So, what are you waiting for, go for the best design and increase the charm in your collection of necklaces with a shape of heart necklace designs.

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