9 New Collection of Anchor Bracelets for Men in Fashion

Anchor bracelets became very famous among men because it symbolises the strength. It has close resemblance with the cross. It is a symbol of stability and hope. Men consider this as good luck charm. Mostly men prefer to wear leather anchor bracelet because it has modern touch. It is a style statement for boys. Anchor bracelets are very colourful. The variety of colours used in bracelet can enhance your outfit appeal. They are very lightweight and slim. A metal clasp is designed as anchor and is also made smooth so it won’t scratch your skin.

Latest and Stylish Anchor Bracelets Designs:

Let we have to look top 9 designs of anchor bracelets for men in trend.

1. Handmade Anchor Bracelet:

It is a handmade anchor bracelet for men. Three ropes are used and in between there is an anchor of golden colour. Both end of the rope is tied with white and sky blue colour nylon thread. This is a simple bracelet. It gets adjust as per your wrist size.

2. Anchor Rope Bracelet:

It is a rope bracelet with anchor. Here the rope is having amusing design. Steel anchor is tied with light blue colour rope. In rope, there is a square design of orange and white colour. This is an eye-catching bracelet and elegant too.

3. Anchor Leather Bracelet:

This is a leather anchor bracelet. The leather is real and of black colour. The anchor looks so charming and shining. The black leather is plain without any design and decoration. Yellow colour anchor is adding an edge over black leather.

4. Gold Anchor Bracelet:

This is a gold anchor bracelet having anchor of pure gold. There is one small round shape diamond embossed on top of anchor. Though the anchor is small but the rope used is of evergreen colour combination. White and black colour rope looks striking.

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5. Thick Leather Anchor Bracelet:

This anchor bracelet is having thick leather in three layers. Gold anchor is attached with the middle layer of leather. A thread is folded in between the anchor. The cord of an anchor is looking sharp. With this anchor bracelet, India’s market is going to rock.

6. Silver Anchor Bracelet:

This is silver anchor bracelet with sophisticated design. An anchor is connected with white plain rope. On both side of anchor, there is an extra thread folding of blue and orange colour. Extreme white colour rope with silver anchor is appearing out to be simply mind-blowing.

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7. Antique Anchor Bracelet:

It is an antique design for men’s anchor bracelet. It is attached with dark brown leather. There is also a special dot pattern over an anchor. Antique though looks ancient but carries an everlasting image in one’s mind. It marks a lovely image in the eyes of viewer.

8. Enlightened Anchor Bracelet:

It is a new design in anchor bracelets for men. Instead of straight anchor connecting both ends with rope, in this anchor is vertically stick on rope. Two anchors are embossed and a design over steel material is attached alternatively. It is a hot arrival in market.

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9. Trendy Anchor Bracelet:

In this latest design of anchor bracelet, men are going to capture the attention. In this bracelet, real weaving thread is used to make a rope. A dual colour sharp anchor is used to interlock the rope. The pattern of anchor is also new. Green colour thread is covered on both side of anchor.

Bracelet is a most suitable piece for a man’s jewellery. It always adds some extravaganza. Cool minded men always do some innovation with their bracelets. They always prefer to have something unique. It makes their bracelet different from others one. It leaves some special space in the eyes of watcher. Anchor bracelets has captured major part of market because of men’s mindset of lucky charm.

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