9 Stylish Collection of Plaid Skirts for Women in Trend

Who has not heard of women’s plaid skirt styles? There are absolutely none who does not know the plaid styles given the way they are very versatile and fit all kind of tastes and occasions. They look vintage, stylish, edgy and trendy all at the same time. Those who love simple outfits also love these evergreen ladies plaid skirts. They are also called as a tartan plaid skirt in parts of Europe which originated back in the 1940s and 1950s itself. They later spread to several parts of the globe and stuck around given the way they were well received by fashion enthusiasts all over the world.

Will Plaid Skirt Dress Suitable Body Type?

Generally, the plaid skirt styles suit all kinds of bodies and sizes. The several variants are made to fit different body types. Here are a few tips:

The mini plaid skirt is best for those who are curvy and petite. They show a well_toned body properly
Try out the midi plaid skirt with a slit in case if you aren’t comfortable with having mini skirts
The pleated plaid skirt which we mostly see as a form of school uniforms are well suited for young girls
Try out the long flowy plaid skirt for the plus size body type

Most Popular Plaid Skirt Designs for Women with Images:

Plaid Skirts have different craze compare to other skirts. Some most preferred plaid skirts are mentioned in brief:

1. Plaid Mini Skirt for Women:

It is a beautiful yet decent looking maroon mini red plaid skirt. It is plain and is very comfortable to wear. It has pockets on either side at the front adding a style statement to it. Adding stockings beneath will give an even more elegant look. This mini skirt is suitable for skinny body type girls.

Design: Checks
Occasion: Morning regular wear
Body Type: Thin size
Fabric: Cotton
Suitable Upper Wear: White plain top

2. Asymmetric Plaid Skirt for Ladies:

Here shown is an asymmetric plaid skirt with full_length zip at the front. It is simple to look and with more comfort. Easy to put on and remove. It gives a stylish look and a perfect short plaid skirt for friends out. This gives edgy and trendy vibes because of the cut and zip pattern

Design: Red and black checks
Occasion: Night Dinners
Body Type: Thin and curvy
Fabric: Cotton
Suitable Upper Wear: Black plain top

3. Women’s Designer Plaid Skirt:

Here is a designer plaid skirt for those fashion loving girls. A special front side cut is given with a knee length skirt. It has a proper fitting at the waist. The cut makes it comfortable to wear. Adding stockings, which lets you look more stylish. This skirt until this length is for those who further want to add a look through a high slit.

Design: Red and black checks
Occasion: Morning outings
Body Type: Thin to medium size
Fabric: Cotton
Suitable Upper Wear: Black or white top

4. Long Plaid Skirt for Ladies:

This is a lovely long snow white and black plaid skirt. It has a high waist with a balloon like a drop down. As it widens below, it can be worn by all body types and even with wider waist shapes. It leaves you looking taller. Those who love comfortable and simple outfits can easily go for this

Design: White and black checks
Occasion: Regular Wear
Body Type: Any body type
Fabric: Cotton
Suitable Upper Wear: White top

5. Plaid Pencil Skirt for Women:

Here is a beautiful and uniquely patterned plaid pencil skirt with a high waist. It has lovely blue and black checks with black designer lace at the bottom of the skirt giving it a trendy look. It is very much suitable for formal party wear and night outs.

Design: Black and blue checks
Occasion: Night parties
Body Type: Curvy type
Fabric: Cotton silk and lace
Suitable Upper Wear: Black tank top

6. Winter Plaid Skirts for Girls:

Here is a cool looking winter plaid skirt outfit. It is specially designed for winter wear, made up of thick woolen fabric also known as tartan. It has lovely and an uncommon grey and black combination which makes it looks stylish. It can be worn with many combinations of the top.

Design: Grey and black check patterns
Occasion: Morning outings
Body Type: Thin and petite figure
Fabric: Woolen
Suitable Upper Wear: White tank top with a jacket

7. Girls Plaid Pleated Skirt:

It is a perfectly pleated mini yellow plaid skirt with distinctive yellow and black checks and gives a sophisticated look. Thin women with long legs mostly prefer pleated plaid skirts. It looks lovely and is very comfortable to wear. A green plaid skirt with a similar pattern also looks awesome.

Design: Yellow and black check pattern
Occasion: Outings in morning time; movies
Body type: Thin and petite figure
Fabric: Cotton
Suitable Upper Wear: Any white shade top

8. Women’s Uniform Plaid Skirts:

Here is a mostly black plaid skirt especially designed for students. Plaid skirts for students are designed in a manner to be comfortable and should be suitable for all body types. It is designed with more comfort and less fashion. This is more like universal to several uniform patterns

Design: Checks
Occasion: Uniforms for students
Body Type: Any body type
Fabric: Cotton
Suitable Upper Wear: Shirt

9. Kids Plaid Skirts:

Here is shown a cute and stylish plaid skirt designed for those cute girls. It is a proper casual party dress. Plaid skirts are mostly preferred for kids as they are in fashion at all times and can be combined with different kinds of tops. It is moreover very comfortable for kids to wear and easy to maintain.

Design: Black and blue check patterns
Occasion: Regular Wear
Body Type: Kids
Fabric: Cotton
Suitable Upper Wear: Black Top

How to Style Plaid Skirts:

The plaid dress skirt can be styled in this way. Here are some suggestions

Try and pair them with sneakers as the patterns are well matched with them
Keep it minimal. The plaid skirts are themselves gorgeous in nature that it does not need heavy styling
Simple upper wear well suits the plaid dress skirt patterns
Plaid skirts generally suit girls and women of young age below 25_27 years of age

Plaid skirts have a unique place in the fashion industry. These are an evergreen pattern and never get outdated. They are a must have and can be kept in high rotation in wardrobe. While talking about plaid skirts, the sky is the limit.

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