9 Traditional Cross Pendant Designs in India

Cross pendants or crucifix worn by Christian community as a sign of holistic purpose, which they believe as a tool for protection from evil and their closeness towards God. Indeed, the cross pendants are the perfect accessories to show off your faith to the outside world.

Today, with the vast variety of styles and designs, you can find the exact one that you would love to wear. Being the symbol of hope and faith, these pendants are worn by both men and women. They can be made of different metals embellished with gemstones, beads etc. Getting the right Christian cross will be tricky and in general, there are simple things that you should consider before getting it. They are made to look stylish and stunning as they are in trend now.

Christian Cross Jewelry Pendants:

Here are the 10 different types of cross pendants for men and women.

1. Nail Cross Pendant:

The nail cross pendant gives a very bold look. In this design it looks nails are crossed and tied with each other. They can be worn by both men and women to give a very rough look.

2. Cross let Heart Pendant:

This is a very sweet looking heart pendent. It is very simple and stylish. The cross is made in the heart making it clear ones love for Jesus. They add charm to one’s beauty.

3. Silver Cross Pendant:

The silver cross pendants are very old designs but still most popular in the trend. It gives a very cool look and can be worn by both men and women. The silver sparkles and grabs all attention to the pendant.

4. Ribbon Cross Pendant:

Ribbon designs are not only confined with hair bands, scarves etc but also in pendants. The cross is made in shape of ribbon and looks very dazzling. It looks both like a flower and cross. Ribbon lovers must wear these.

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5. Twisted Wire Cross Pendant:

It’s difficult to straighten the wire so these twisted wires were designed to make a beautiful cross pendent. They can be made of both metals and handcrafted with delicate materials.

6. Diamond Cross Pendant:

If one wants show their designer cross pendant, then it must be a sparkling one. Adding diamonds to silver, gold or platinum metals will make it twinkle and radiant. They look too stylish on western outfits.

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7. Anchor Cross Pendant:

Anchors are not only used to measure depths of sea but now they are designs in cross pendent. The anchor itself looks very strong and on adding cross to it made it look more remarkable. The anchor adds strength to cross pendant.

8. Designer Cross Pendant in Gold:

The gold colour is itself a unique colour and when these designer cross pendants are made out of it, they look beautiful. Even gemstones cased in gold will become a matching accessory for one. The gold cross pendant out stands differently and makes one look stylish.

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9. Beaded Cross Pendant:

If one has got bored of wearing the metal cross pendants then beaded cross pendant would be very different from the metals. In beaded cross pendants the beads are also in different colours and patterns. They can of single colour or multiple colours. Beaded cross pendants give a very funky look and can go with any outfit.

It’s joyful to wear cross pendant as it depicts one’s faith. Now this cross pendant is in fashion which is worn by both Christians and non-Christians as a fashion symbol. Every people regardless of gender or age are crazy for it. It looks stylish and awesome. The cross is a clearly visible design than other designs and is very radiant. The pendants can be worn as a necklace or bracelet or as anything else. They were in fashion and will sustain this image forever.