9 Traditional Gold Plated Mangalsutra Designs in Trend

Mangalsutra is sign of marriage. Every married women wear it around the neck. This sign of marriage is seen all over India. Many women wear it daily basis. They have to go out wearing it. So wearing it on daily basis can be a risky. As there are lot of cases of chain snatching all over India. Hence many women prefer to wear gold plated Mangalsutra over real gold Mangalsutra. Wearing a gold plated Mangalsutra is risk free and not at all costly. It looks very real and hence you can wear it on daily basis. Gold plated Mangalsutra has same patterns and designs as real gold Mangalsutra would have.

Latest and Beautiful Mangalsutra Designs with Gold Plated for Women:

Here are few styles of gold plated Mangalsutra Designs.

1. Two Stranded Gold Plated Chain Mangalsutra:

Normal Mangalsutra has one strand of chain to which the pendant is connected. Two stranded gold plated Mangalsutra has two strands of chain which connect to the pendant. This is different style from regular Mangalsutra. They are worn for parties and functions as it is bit heavy and good to look at.

2. Vati Gold Plated Mangalsutra:

Vati gold platted Mangalsutra has one to two circular pendants. If two, then they are supposed to mean togetherness. One Vati means union of two souls. This deep meaningful Mangalsutra is worn majorly women of Maharashtra. They can be worn daily as they are soft designs.

3. Initial Letter Gold Platted Mangalsutra:

If you are bored of wearing same old style of Mangalsutra, then this style is for you. Initial letter Mangalsutra has any letter as the pendant. Normally women wear their spouses name’s initial letter. This style is liked by new brides who are very lovey-dove.

4. Studded Gold Plated Mangalsutra:

Studded gold plated set Mangalsutra has diamonds and stones studded in the pendant. They are mostly artificial. They are meant to be trendy and very fashionable. It is mostly party wear and fun style to experiment it. It is mostly short in length.

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5. Gold Plated Crown Mangalsutra:

Crown gold platted Mangalsutra has pendant like a crown. This style is very common in Mangalsutra. It is seen with majority of women. You can use it for daily casual wear. This design can be worn for work also. It is simple and classy.

6. Five Circular Gold Plated Pendant Mangalsutra:

Normally the Mangalsutra has one to two pendants. Some designs have more pendants. Five circular pendant shave five pendants. They are equally spaced pendant. They are worn by mostly fisher women. It is a traditional design. It looks good on them.

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7. Gold Diamond Gold plated Silver chain:

Gold diamond gold plated silver chain has gold base pendant with diamond studded in it. The chain is silver metal with gold platting. This gives a very realistic look. They are worn for parties and functions. They have to be taken care off as the platting might come off by using harsh chemicals on it.

8. Layered Gold Plated Mangalsutra:

Layered Gold Platted Mangalsutra has layers of chain. These chains are of different length. So they look like layers when worn. They have black and gold beads. Since they are platted they are very cheap. If you go to buy them for real gold, it will cost you a lot. It is perfect for weddings.

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9. Karugamani Chain Gold Platted Mangalsutra:

Karugamani Gold Plated Chains Mangalsutra has a special locket in the centre. This design is from south of India. It is worn by all south Indian ladies. The locket is made of one cast of metal. It mostly doesn’t have diamonds and stone. This complete gold design looks good for parties and small functions.

Gold Plated Mangalsutra is a cheap alternative of everyday use Mangalsutra. There is no option of Mangalsutra for married women, so this comes handy. It is reliable and trendy. And since it is not costly, you can change your Mangalsutra regularly without spending much.

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