9 Traditional Silver Nose Ring Designs for Regular Use

Silver jewellery has been in use and popular since ancient times. Women used to wear different kind of accessories crafted in silver which in turn enhances their beauty and looks. Since then women’s started wearing nose rings also. Silver nose rings looks pretty attractive and has a sparkle and dazzling effect. As gold rates are soaring high so nose rings made in silver are in demand.

Nose Rings in Silver for Women:

Let’s see some top 9 designs of silver nose rings for women in india:

1.Traditional Silver Nose Ring with Pearl and Kundan:

Silver nose rings are very much in demand because of its craftsmanship. The design and pattern can leave you spellbound. The silver set can be worn on special occasion and lends you a traditional an ethnic looks. The silver nose ring with kundan look great because of its shine and one cannot resist flaunting these authentic nose rings.

2. Real Silver Nose Ring:

Silver nose rings appears very glamorous and are is difficult to resist because of its shinning and sparkling visual. These types of pure silver rings are available in many designs and you pick the one according to your dress code and can have those flaunting looks.

3. Tiny Floral Silver Nose Stud Ring:

These types of small or tiny floral nose rings are very common accessories worn by many women. This type of cute hoop gives you a traditional appearance. This type of small hoops can be worn on daily basis as well a good office wear also.

4. Pure Silver Thin Nose Ring:

This type of ultra thin nose rings is very much in demand by youngsters as it gives them a minimalistic looks. These types of hoops are even worn by celebrities; they are very eye catchy and even attract the attention of others very quickly.

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5. Silver Heart Engraved Nose Ring:

This type of heart engraved silver nose rings is a great hit among females as it’s signify love and romance. This type of cute silver heart nose ring looks very pretty and lends a mesmerising appearance.

6. Silver Nose Ring In Leaf Pattern:

Pretty and cut could be a perfect term for this leaf shaped silver nose ring. This type of nose ring can be worn with western wear as well with traditional giving you a charming look. The oxidized finish of the ornament enhances the look by many folds.

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7. Peace Sign Silver Nose Ring:

This type of small studs looks stunning of females face. The silver nose ring has the sign of peace crafted giving a pleasant look to the wearer. This type of silver studs makes you appear trendy and smart when worn.

8. Big Size Silver Nose Ring with Bells:

This type of big size silver nose ring looks very cool and is generally worn on any occasion or rituals. In early days in India this type of big silver nose ring was worn by woman and it used to depict the culture and society they hail from. Now young girls wear to look cool and stylish.

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9. Silver Hoop Nose Ring with Crystals:

The design and the craftsmanship on the nose ring is always fabulous. The designs on this silver hoop depict an era or particular image with immense meaning in it. The modern looking hoop is broad in design and the small crystal studded gives an appealing vision to your appearance.

The design and craftsmanship of silver nose rings are fabulous and give a female a sizzling and pleasant look. The silver nose rings are made in wide pattern and design and you can pick the one according to your taste and looks. A nose rings add more looks charm and beauty to women’s face. Silver nose ring can be worn on daily basis as well can be a good office wear also.