9 Trendy Leather Jeans For Men And Women In India

Leather jeans are considered one of the all time favorites in jeans for women and men. The jeans are cost effective and look stylish. Get a pair of leather jeans in different styles and it will change your life around.

Different Type of Leather Jeans For Men and Women:

Let’s checkout the top 9 leather jeans images which will help to choose best one while going to purchase.

1. Faux Leather Jeans:

Here are the gorgeous tight fitting faux womens leather jeans that look skinny and chic. The zip detail in the jeans makes it very impressive. Top this with black net blouse or jacket and you will surely rock the party. Get this trend setter jean and look rocking.

2. Ankle Length Leather Jeans:

Check out these ankle length leather jeans for women that is ankle length. The latest fashion trend is to have ankle length trousers or jeans. This is the best way to go about it. Choose a classy top to go along with it and set the ball rolling.

3. Imitation Leather Pants:

You can even get yourself a stunning imitation black jean that makes a great pair with any kind of top. This imitation pant does not look shabby but is done perfectly well and looks just like the real deal. The jean is very dramatic and fits well on the body.

4. Hip Hop Leather Pants:

Here are another faux mens leather jeans which make you look bold and daring. The leather pants are made with PU material and this is perfect for motorcycle gangs and teams. Check out the styles they have in this feature but the most common one is the straight jean.

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5. Skinny Leather Jeans:

Having a pair of skinny jeans are the best buy you could make. In the cold weather sporting a pair of these skinny jeans makes you the talk of the town. Look for ones that have some detailing like zip or buttons.

6. Lambskin Leather Jeans:

Choose to have only the best and in this case it is the lambskin jeans. This wonderful pair of black leather jeans womens makes you want to drool over it. The jean can be paired with vintage, classic or even 70s style of tops. The lambskin sticks to your body and gives all your curves the right attention.

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7. Blue Leather Jeans:

Trying to figure out how to party out with a favorite top? Just get a pair of blue jeans in leather and you are set for the night. This stylish and trendy ladies leather jeans will make you dance to any rocking music. The color blue is also seen as a great combination to many tops.

8. Straight Leather Jeans Mens:

What will make a women drool over a man? A pair of jean is the best bet. This is something when worn tastefully will have all the women swoon over you. Get a muffler to add to the drama and you will have a room full of women wanting to get your number.

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9. Plus Size Jeans For Women:

Don’t shy away if you are plus size. There are several jeans in the plus size category too. These gorgeous burgundy plus size jeans for women are most stunning. The color looks very rich and royal. Get your pair today and strut away in style.

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Choose between skinny, detailed, straight, etc to get the right pair for you. Any body size will look good in a pair of leather jeans men and women.These are good and you can use them on your any outfit of tees or office wear shirt too. Get some these type of jeans to catch attention of your friends or office colleagues.