A Funky Fresh Fragrance for Summer from Dossier

When it comes to true fashion icons, Chanel is undoubtedly the number one name that everybody thinks of. When you’re looking for an iconic scent from this fashion house without the designer price tag, replica scent Woody Hyacinth from Dossier could be a fantastic alternative.

What to expect from Dossier perfumes?

As Dossier is a leading replica perfumer, you can expect ingredients and blends that have been expertly crafted to meet the needs of every wearer, with the core premise of empowerment, like Woody Hyacinth, a dupe that smells exactly like the perfume Chance by Chanel. This means that if you want something for day wear, a signature scent, or an impactful perfume for date night, you will not only find it from Dossier, but it will likely become your go-to fragrance.

This funky, fresh scent is one for the go-getting, trendy young thing and brings a blend of florals with fruits and Chypre scents to newer fans. Perfect for summer with top notes of hyacinth, pineapple and lemon, mids of patchouli, jasmine and pink pepper and lows of vanilla, orris and vetiver it really does ellicit a strong, powerful feel of warm, seasonal days and fun in the sun.

While some may be sceptical of the quality of replica scents (typically as they’re so affordable), the good news is that Dossier is breaking the mould with ethically-sourced ingredients that are both vegan and cruelty-free, while being blended by perfumers with a keen eye for detail. Costs are kept low as packaging and bottles are simplistic in nature and the savings are passed onto customers without minimising the quality of the scent held inside. This means that you can get some of the most amazing scents at a fraction of the price.

What is a summer scent?

Perfumers understand the intrinsic natures of chemistry and cosmetic science and apply their skills to creating blends that work well in different environments. Summer fragrances are typically defined by fresh and fruity notes – and as these are lighter on a molecular level, they provide different strengths and dry down in such a way that works better in warmer months. Woody Hyacinth pushes the envelope by bringing woody notes into the more traditional scent profile, not only making it more unique, but also more wearable throughout the year. 

Why consider replica scents?

Dossier is a well-established, replica fragrance brand that brings premium fragrances to the wider audience. In an industry that is becoming more expensive as the years pass, the capabilities of replica scents are becoming more coveted. Why miss out on the brands and scents you love when there are expertly blended alternatives out there that are lovingly created for ultimate wearer satisfaction? You can look good, smell great and live confidently – all without taking a chunk out of your bank balance. If Woody Hyacinth isn’t the right perfume for you, there is an extensive range of dupes for the designers you know and love, so don’t hesitate to go on over to Dossier now.