Accusations of Abuse at a Harajuku Concept Cafe

Several staff of Concept Cafe Candye Syrup in Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood went public together today accusing the owner/manager of sexual harassment / abuse. Nico-chan, the underage leader of Harajuku’s Neo Decora subculture, says she has taken her complaint to the Tokyo police.

Accusations (in Japanese):

Nico (17-yr-old leader of Harajuku’s Neo Decora)

Bisuko (famous Japanese artist, creator of Menhera-chan)

I Kill Kill (cafe staff, Harajuku girl)

The June 2023 Neo Decora meetup in Harajuku (scheduled for the upcoming weekend) has been canceled as a result of several of the Neo Decora working at the cafe.

Direct links to the Twitter accounts of those making accusations, so people can show their support:
Nico, Bisuko, I Kill Kill