Actor’s Toughness Recounted By Former Costar

One of Paul Walker‘s frequent co-stars recounts the actor’s toughness. Beginning his career as a child actor, Walker is best known for his role as Brian O’Conner in the Fast & Furious franchise, which he played until his untimely death in 2013 due to a fatal car crash. Outside the action franchise, Walker frequently starred alongside Scott Caan, son of the legendary actor James Caan, as the two both appeared in the films Varsity Blues, Into the Blue, Stories USA, and the short film Life Makes Sense If You’re Famous.


During a recent appearance on the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, Caan shared some of his fondest memories about the late actor. The two met on the set of Varsity Blues and quickly became friends, but maintained an on-and-off relationship over the years. The thing that most people don’t know about Walker, Caan says, is that he was “scrappy” and “tough,” which is unexpected based on his “pretty” and “soft” appearance. Read Caan’s full comments below:

He was a tough, tough, tough kid. You don’t want to fight Paul Walker, you didn’t want to fight him. He’s so pretty that you’d think that he’s soft, but he was the first to jump out of the car if there was a beef. He was the first to go protect a woman if she was getting mistreated. I remember a story where he was at a bar down south and some dude was pushing his girl around and the dude was this big bodybuilder dude who was like, “What you got to say pretty boy?” and Paul knocked him out and broke his arm. He was a tough, tough dude.

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Paul Walker Is Remembered Fondly By His Co-Stars

It’s been a decade since Walker passed away in 2013, though his co-stars are still sharing fond memories of the late actor from over the years. Just recently, Vin Diesel got emotional paying tribute to Walker during the F9 premiere, and the following year on the ninth anniversary of Walker’s death, Diesel shared a Fast & Furious image to honor the memory of his late co-star. For the most part, Walker’s legacy lives on through the Fast & Furious franchise, both off and on screen. Furious 7 famously saw Brian O’Conner riding off into the sunset to live with his wife, Mia, and his family.

Brian remains alive in the Fast & Furious universe, as his blue Nissan GT-R drives up to the Toretto’s house at the end of F9 for a family gathering. As revealed by the Fast X trailer, Brian is returning in the tenth film’s flashbacks to the Rio heist from Fast Five. Though Paul Walker has been gone for ten years, his memory lives on through Fast & Furious and the many co-stars’ lives, like Cann and others, that he impacted during his career.

Source: Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum

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