Alexander McQueen Spring 2020 Jewelry and Accessories

Practicality is definitely not the most important quality the McQueen atelier uses when envisioning a high-street collection. For the upcoming warm months Sarah Burton decided to re-elaborate an oceanic theme which allows fashionistas to sport fairy-tale and more ‘out-of-this-world’ ensembles. What to expect when the apparel ideas of the complete style parade rise above the standards of utilitarian chic and practicality? Complementary accessories which help us stand out from the crowd due to their artsy and flamboyant vibe. Once belts, jewelry designs and purses served as details which melted into the overall ensemble. Now, it’s the moment to offer more prominence to these statement style creations similarly to the way it is done in the spring McQueen collection.

The Alexander McQueen spring 2020 accessories are “poetry’n’motion”! The spirit of the golden years and baroque design patterns is fused with a futuristic and ground-breaking fashion reverie. Sarah Burton gives the style armada a lesson in craftsmanship. Jewelry pieces decorated with gemstones and beads all create a fascinating visual impact.

Think big when adding an extra glam factor to your outfits. These cut-out and extravagant belt designs shift the attention to the waistline, creating an ultra-femme and sensuous effect. In spite of the attention-grabbing look of these chic belts there’s no exaggeration which would make these accessories too bold to be worn by every fashionista. The simplicity and elegance of these belts lies in their mono-colored quality and classic silhouette. Refined leather is used to give a strong and sophisticated allure to these A-list style staples. Waist belts and metallic frames reminiscent of futuristic armour crown the accessory collection with their pagan-influenced and cutting-edge flair.

Leather purses in sight-pampering shades were all complemented with the oh-so-popular skull detail. These extremely refined accessories are given an edgy and dark-side glamor with surprising elements. The jewelry designs also mirror a kind of transcendence the McQueen atelier managed to achieve, an achievement which landed the series of collections in the group of the most influential style parades in our era. Craftsmanship at its highest level is used to turn these amazing rings and bracelets into artful creations which radiate supernatural femininity and a goddess charisma. Implementing modern edge into your wardrobe is the secret to keep the pace with the ever-evolving fashion industry. The Alexander McQueen house provides you with some of the dreamy belts and jewelries you can incorporate into your new season looks.

Image courtesy of Alexander McQueen

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