American Diamond Mangalsutra – To Add A Rich Look To Your Tradition

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They say “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”! But, friendship with them is not on everyone’s budget. This why American Diamonds have become so popular with women of all classes. Even for their special days like weddings, Women are now going for affordable American diamond Mangalsutras instead of their expensive counterparts. These chains are light on weight and light on the pocket as well. You can also buy a couple of different designs to wear for a variety of events — time to take a look at the top designs which are worth a glance.

Features and Importance of American Diamond Mangalsutras:

Read on to know why AD Mangalsutras are such a hit:

American Diamond Mangalsutras have premium quality white stones, which shine like diamonds. They are made with silver or alloy metals for strength and durability. The stones are economical on price and easy to replace. They are also soft on the skin and do not bruise the surface. Along with CZs, AD Mangalsutras also have semi_precious stones like Kundans, Rubies and Emeralds to add some colour. AD Mangalsutras are designed with black bead chains in single or multiple layers.

Attractive and Stylish Mangalsutra Designs with American Diamonds in Trend:

Here Some beautiful designs have been enlisted with the best designs for a brief look upon the American diamond Mangalsutra designs.

1. Designer AD Mangalsutra Set:


Check out this lovely Mangalsutra designer set, studded with sparkling American diamonds. This creative design is sure to allure you with its beauty. The double_layered black chain has attached to a pendant that is a piece of art by itself. Matching earrings are provided with this chain to look elegant.

Design: Designer AD Mangalsutra Set Metal: Alloy Metal Suitable Occasion: Evening Parties

2. American Diamond Jewellery Mangalsutra Set:


If you are looking for a simple Mangalsutra set to wear to small occasions, check out this piece. The stone studded Pendant has a cute AD drop at the end. This pendant is attached to a single layer black chain, which goes well with Salwar suits and sarees. A pair of matching earrings add more glamour.

Design: Double Layer AD Mangalsutra Set Metal: Alloy Metal Suitable Occasion: Small Gatherings, Kitty Parties

3. Fancy AD Mangalsutra Set For Women:

If you are a fan of fancy designs, this piece is surely going to allure you. Inspired by the sea waves, this pendant is studded with premium quality American diamonds on the surface. It has a CZ teardrop at the end. Two matching earrings are given with this set, which comes with button studs.

Design: Fancy American Diamond Mangalsutra Set Metal: Alloy Metal Suitable Occasion: Small Gatherings, Kitty Parties

4. American Diamond Pendant Mangalsutra:

Here is another star_studded Pendant, which can make you shine in any event. This intricate geometrical design is adorned with sparkling American diamonds. It is attached with rings to a two_layered black bead chain. Just wear it with a pair of AD earrings or even diamonds to look sophisticated.

Design: American Diamond Pendant Mangalsutra Metal: Alloy Metal Suitable Occasion: Small Gatherings, Kitty Parties

5. Floral American Diamond Mangalsutra Set:


Check out this intricately made American Diamond Mangalsutra. The pendant showcases an artistic design of contemporary floral pattern. This diamond look_alike pendant is studded with American diamonds in brass metal. It has a dual_layered black bead chain with two matching floral earrings.

Design: FloralAmerican Diamond Mangalsutra Metal: Brass Suitable Occasion: Night Parties

6. Latest Cardinal Style AD Mangalsutra:


Here is another stunner that is sure to sweep you off your feet. This cutwork style Pendant is studded with a number of American Diamonds to make it suitable for all your special occasions. On either side of the Pendant, horizontal cut stones are studded for a designer look. It is attached to a dual_layer black bead chain for style and support.

Design: Cardinal American Diamond Mangalsutra Metal: Alloy Metal Suitable Occasion: Evening Parties

7. American Diamond Mangalsutra Set:

An American diamond stud starry diamond pendants lined up as a single pendant looks amazing. The shine of the white diamond looks similar to the stars. A similar design of double stars earrings looks incredible as an American diamond mangalsutra set.

Design: American Diamond Star Mangalsutra Set Metal: Alloy Metal Suitable Occasion: Small Parties

8. AD Mangalsutra Pendant Set:

There also comes two sides hooked mangalsutra pendants that are largely worn as the latest mangalsutra designs. American diamonds mangalsutra pendants get designer patterns. The richness of designs with these diamonds stands out differently.

Design: American Diamond Designer Mangalsutra Set Metal: Alloy Metal Suitable Occasion: Evening Wear

9. Designer Mangalsutra Set:

Designer Mangalsutras have latest and modern patterns in the making of the pendants and earrings. The latest designs in mangalsutra American diamonds are set in a leaf pattern and are given a stylish look to the Mangalsutras tradition a new style.

Design: American Diamond Fancy Mangalsutra Design Metal: Alloy Metal Suitable Occasion: Social Gatherings

10. American Diamond Luxury Design Pendant Mangalsutra:

Mangalsutra in American diamond designs always has a different style. A drop down red pearl in the bottom with twisted diamond stud pendant looks incredible. Similar paring earrings give a party look change to the same looking mangalsutra.

Design: Ruby Drop American Diamond Mangalsutra Set Metal: Alloy Metal Suitable Occasion: Kitty Parties

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11. Dancing Peacock American Diamond Stud Mangalsutra:

Dancing peacock or any other style of the peacock is considered the all_time favourite style of designer American diamond mangalsutra pendants. A set of matching earrings also give a ravishing impact on the jewellery set. Wear this with a bright silk saree to a wedding and you are sure to earn tons of compliments.

Design: Peacock Design American Diamond Mangalsutra Set Metal: Alloy Metal Suitable Occasion: Weddings, Receptions

12. Contemporary American Diamond Stud Mangalsutra Set:

Contemporary American diamond jewellery has been attracting lots of women these days. The unique design of contemporary jewellery stands out among other jewellery. An American diamond mangalsutra pendant of the contemporary style looks incredible.

Design: Contemporary American Diamond Mangalsutra Set Metal: Alloy Metal Suitable Occasion: Night Parties

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13. Large Single American Diamond Mangalsutra:

Large diamonds in two different sizes alone can make a beautiful designer pendant for a mangalsutra. American diamonds in all sizes have a particularly noticeable shine. A mangalsutra American diamond stud with such a rich and elegant pattern can be worn regularly with highlighted features.

Design: Simple American Diamond Pendant Chain Metal: Alloy Metal Suitable Occasion: Morning Parties

14. Golden Chain American Diamond Set:

Golden chained mangalsutra has black beads with the golden beads and chain links. The mangalsutra design with such a pattern is also known as the mangalsutra choker. American diamond mangalsutra pendant is generally used wisely with such patterns studded in gold. Women with a love of heavy mangalsutra designs will surely love to have such a design.

Design: Single Row Mangalsutra Chain Metal: Alloy Metal Suitable Occasion: Day Parties

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15. Large Pendant American Diamond Stud Mangalsutra:

Heavy Mangalsutras come in two chained and three chained and even sometimes four and five chained designs with black beads and gold interlinks. While heavy mangalsutra designs with a heavy crafted American diamond mangalsutra pendant also looks impressive for a heavy look.

Design: Heavy American Diamond Mangalsutra Set Metal: Alloy Metal Suitable Occasion: Weddings, Large Gatherings

Women either all_time at home or working outdoors in India keep wearing the mangalsutra. It is considered a symbol for their being committed to their husband. The mangalsutra can be heavy designs for ht especial purpose of celebrations and big functions. Earlier women used to make heavy and thick designs of mangalsutra to show off their wealth. But today heavy designs with rich and elegant designs have taken place with the amazing craft of American diamond s and brilliant gold crafting in the strands.

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