Andor Season 2 Can Explain These 10 Star Wars Mysteries

With Andor season 2 set to arrive in 2024, the Star Wars prequel series can finally explain 10 long-standing mysteries. Ever since Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor was introduced in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, there have been several unanswered questions about his early years with the Rebel Alliance. Andor‘s first season only added more questions, introducing new characters and unexpected plot lines, which means that season 2 must fill in the gaps leading into Rogue One. The other main characters will also require the same treatment, especially since some of them aren’t present in Rogue One at all.

Andor season 2 can also explain mysteries about the larger Star Wars timeline, revealing more about the Rebel Alliance’s development. Several major turning points in the Rebellion have been hinted at across other Star Wars media, but Andor season 2 can explain these events in detail and add more depth to its characters. Andor season 1 already established who its characters were before the events of Rogue One, as well as what they had to lose, so Andor season 2 can make the overall story of the Rebellion even more impactful. With that in mind, here are the 10 Star Wars mysteries that can be explained in Andor season 2.

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10 It’s Time To Meet K-2SO In Andor Season 2 – But How?

One major character that still needs to be introduced in Andor season 2 is Alan Tudyk’s K-2SO, and there are a few ways it can happen. The first is by adapting Marvel Comics’ Rogue One – Cassian & K-2SO Special 1 by Duane Swierczynski and Fernando Blanco, which originally showed how the characters met. Cassian ran into K-2SO on a mission and tricked the droid into trying to arrest him while the other rebels deactivated him. Andor season 2 could show Cassian pull a similar trick on K-2SO, which would build off him having been captured by another KX-series security droid in Andor season 1.

9 Mon Mothma’s Andor Season 2 Story Must Show The Ghorman Massacre

The Ghorman Massacre has been a crucial part of the Rebellion’s history in canon and Legends, so Andor season 2 should show it in detail. Mon Mothma publicly blamed Emperor Palpatine for the Empire’s slaughter of peaceful protestors on Ghorman, leading to her official resignation from the Imperial Senate and the formal beginning of the Rebel Alliance. With Andor season 2’s episode blocks covering 3 days, an entire portion of the season could be dedicated to the protests on Ghorman, the massacre of its citizens, and the fallout that led to Mon Mothma’s actions in Star Wars Rebels.

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8 Andor Season 2 Can Explain What Happened To Mon Mothma’s Family

Mon Mothma’s relationship with her husband and daughter was a compelling aspect of season 1, and season 2 can explain what happened to Mon Mothma’s family after Andor. Given their attitude towards her activities in the Senate, it’s possible that they publicly denounced her to save themselves, leading to a falling out even after the New Republic’s founding. The Empire may also hold them hostage to lure Mon Mothma out of hiding or execute them to send a message. In the Legends continuity, Mon Mothma had a son who was killed at the Battle of Hoth, so Andor season 2 could show her living with similar consequences in canon.

7 Luthen Rael Isn’t On Yavin 4 – So What Happened To The Rebel Leader?

Because Luthen Rael doesn’t appear on Yavin 4, Andor season 2 will have to address what happened to him. The most likely explanation is his being killed by the Empire, which would be a fitting end for the character. When asked what he sacrificed for the Rebellion, Luthen responded with an incredible speech: “I burn my decency for someone else’s future. I burn my life to make a sunrise that I know I’ll never see.” Luthen believed he was damned for his actions and that he’d never receive recognition or gratitude for his sacrifice, which strongly implies that he won’t live to see the Death Star’s destruction.

6 Andor Season 2 Can Explain Why Saw Gerrera Feared Spies In The Partisans

Rogue One showed how paranoid Saw Gerrera was about lies and deception, and Andor season 2 can expand on it by revealing why he was worried about spies in the Partisans. Saw was already on uneasy terms with Luthen and the rest of the Rebel Alliance, which could be setting up a betrayal between the factions. Dedra Meero’s unrelenting quest to stop the rebels could result in Imperial spies infiltrating the Partisans. In turn, this would recontextualize Saw’s unwillingness to trust Galen Erso and Bodhi Rook. Whatever spies end up in Saw’s group, it’s clear that the events of Andor season 2 will leave a mark on him prior to Rogue One.

5 Why Did The Rebellion Stop Working With Saw? Andor Season 2 Can Explain It

Both Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels showed that the Rebel Alliance had cut ties with Saw, so Andor season 2 can finally show why. Mon Mothma told Jyn Erso that Saw was an extremist who’d caused the Alliance problems, and she confronted Saw in Rebels for using tactics that put civilians in danger. Andor season 2 can have Saw demonstrate his ruthlessness by launching an attack that forces the rebel leaders to stop working with him altogether. This would also work with Andor‘s themes, as the show often focuses on the gray areas of war, demonstrating Saw’s cruelty but also showing just how desperate he’d become.

Andor season 2 can also explain how and why Cassian has contacts inside Saw’s Partisans in Rogue One. Cassian could run into the Partisans on a mission for the Rebel Alliance, befriending some of them and convincing them to pass along information. Perhaps Cassian does this specifically at the request of Alliance Command, who fear what rash action Saw will take next, never dreaming that Cassian’s contact would tell them about the Death Star. This could also be the explanation for Saw’s paranoia in Rogue One, having discovered one of his people was actually a spy for Cassian and the Rebellion.

3 Bodhi Rook’s Capture By The Partisans Could Be Seen In Andor Season 2

Andor‘s final episodes begin days before Rogue One, meaning that season 2 can actually show Bodhi Rook leaving the Empire and being captured by the Partisans. This would be a fantastic way to develop Bodhi’s character, how he doubts those he serves and finally decides to escape to help Galen. This would then lead directly into Rogue One and prompt Cassian’s first mission that puts the plot in motion. Focusing more on Saw and the Partisans in season 2 would make their refusal to listen to Bodhi more understandable and build the tension by showing everything they could’ve done to Bodhi after capturing him.

2 What Happens To Syril & Dedra?

Andor season 1 ended on a cliffhanger after Syril Karn saved Dedra Meero during the Rix Road riot on Ferrix. These two had a very unusual relationship in season 1, with Syril desperate to prove himself to the Empire and Dedra not wanting anything to do with him after his first debriefing. However, this may change in Andor season 2, with the two teaming up after Syril saved her life. Their mission will certainly lead them to Cassian, and their absence in Rogue One could mean they don’t survive Andor season 2. They may also be offscreen during the original trilogy, continuing to serve the Empire by hunting down rebels.

1 Andor Season 2 Will Reveal What Happened To Kino Loy

Andy Serkis’ Kino Loy will return in Andor season 2, which will have to explain how he survived the prison breakout in season 1. Kino Loy had a perfect character ending when he made sure his fellow prisoners escaped, only for the horrifying revelation that he couldn’t swim to shore. Not only will Andor season 2 have to come up with a logical explanation for his escape, but it will also have to justify bringing him back after such a great sacrifice. Until then, Kino Loy’s fate will remain one of 10 Star Wars mysteries that Andor season 2 can explain when it premieres on Disney+.

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