Are Ben & Camille Together After Below Deck Season 10?

Below Deck season 10 offered its fair share of up and downs for Camille Lamb, but a high point was her relationship with Ben Willoughby, which continued after the season ended. Camille was new to the show for season 10, taking on two roles (as Stew and Deckhand) aboard the St. David. Captain Lee Rosbach had medical issues throughout the beginning of the season, and needed to leave the yacht in Below Deck‘s Captain Sandy Yawn‘s hands for a stretch of time, Camille’s work ethic clashed with Captain Sandy’s signature micromanagement style.


While Camille seemed to understand the Stew/Deckhand job description, she had trouble following orders from her superiors. At times, the level of responsibility seemed like it was too much for her to handle. After struggling to keep up for the majority of the season, and developing a feud with fellow cast mate Alissa Humber, Camille was fired by Captain Sandy. This happened midway through Below Deck season 10. Fortunately for Camille, on the show, she did form a lasting bond with deckhand Ben, whom she continued to see once the season had wrapped. Their relationship continued off the high seas, and information about their current status has been revealed.

Below Deck’s Ben & Camille Did Go To The Dominican Republic

Ben and Camille were flirty throughout Below Deck season 10. However, when Camille was let go partway through the season, their “boatmance” came to an abrupt end. The pair made plans to meet in the Dominican Republic after the season wrapped, to explore their connection. According to Bravo, although Ben had developed another relationship with Leigh-Ann Smith, he decided to follow through on his plans to meet Camille. The duo met in the Dominican for some fun, and spent 10 days together, enjoying each other’s company. They were trying to figure their relationship out. While they seemed to have an amazing time, their trip may be an isolated event.

Below Deck’s Ben & Camille Are No Longer Dating

According to Ben‘s Instagram, they had an incredible time on their trip to the Dominican Republic, and have a huge amount of love for one another, but they weren’t meant to be. The pair both shared several photos, along with a video of their trip, which was shared with their followers. Though Ben and Camille had a wonderful getaway together, and built on the connection they shared aboard the St. David, the trip may have also solidified why they don’t work as a couple. Both are nomads who travel the world for a living, and without a home base, their relationship could easily get lost at sea.

While Camille and Ben didn’t work out romantically, they do seem to have a great connection as friends. The pair were happy to continue posting about their trip, and commenting on one another’s photos of each other. They make it clear that there’s no bad blood between them. Though it doesn’t seem like Camille will back on Below Deck any time soon, there’s always the chance that Ben will return for an upcoming season, and start another boatmance.

Sources: Bravo, Ben Willoughby/Instagram

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