Barbara Bui Fall 2020 Bags

With French-Vietnamese origins, the highly acclaimed designer Barbara Bui became soon aware of the fabulous clash between Eastern and Western design techniques. The Barbara Bui fall 2020 bag collection illustrates the unique style vision of the designer who decided to release an accessory collection based mainly on the refined silhouette used in French couture and the animal prints offering an exotic and modern flair to all these satchels and handbags.

Besides aesthetics, another important factor considered by Barbara Bui is functionality. The military chic design patterns used in the collection are also noticeable in the repertoire of bags in the form of spacious bags with long straps, cool top handles and high-class metallic details. Versatility was guaranteed by the creative use of refined materials and the mix/matching of sight-pampering shades like fuchsia with grey or turquoise with beige. Earth-tones were also used to help fashionistas stay on trend with the chromatic spectrum of the rainy season.

The satchels and refined leather bags included in the latest Barbara Bui collection are extremely wearable. Those who are preparing for a seasonal style update should definitely consider skimming through the hot parade of accessories envisioned by this A-list style godmother.

Never underestimate the impact of fashion-forward accessories on your wardrobe. For a laid back street chic look team up your favorite ‘jeans-and-tee’ outfit with the cutest Barbara Bui satchels in vibrant shades or square-shaped leather bags in fiery red, blue or earth tones. On the other hand, if you’re lusting for urban glamor and refinement, consider the most impressive fur satchels with ultra-sophisticated leather strips and adjustable straps.

Notice the voguish combination of these two high-class materials and complement your wardrobe with one of these artsy runway-chic-inspired bags for the fall season. Carry all your beauty must haves in these fab accessories and open your mind to innovative accessorizing ideas. Though Barbara Bui might not be the most experimental style creator, she still managed to furnish us with a selection of too-cool-to-miss handbag designs.

Image courtesy of Barbara Bui




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