Batman Beyond Art Finally Gives Fans a Live-Action Terry McGinnis

The Batman Beyond version of DC’s Dark Knight is a futuristic iteration of the character that holds a special place in fans’ hearts, with a new piece of art giving Terry McGinnis’ technologically advanced batsuit a live-action makeover that fans need to see!

Recently shared on Instagram by Jaxson Derr (@jaxsonderr), this creative talent helps to “bring characters and stories to life” via their unique concept art, photoshop edits, and hand-drawn artwork.

Primarily creating images that focus on Batman and his varied cast of supporting characters, Jaxson has also dreamed up content involving other DC greats like Superman, Wonder Woman, a few of the new faces of the DCU — like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, and Robert Pattinson’s Batman — and even Marvel’s Daredevil and Spider-Man, with this epic Batman Beyond fanart pushing Jaxson to a new level of creativity that is as stunning as it is imaginative.

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Terry McGinnis Gets the Live-Action Batman Beyond Design He Deserves

Premiering in 1999’s Batman Beyond animated series, Terry McGinnis essentially stumbled into becoming a superhero until he eventually made the mantle of the Bat his own, complete with a high-tech suit that was unlike anything that came before it. Sleek in its simplicity and all-black design (sans the red bat symbol), Terry’s cowl was a full facemask rather than one cut out around his jaw, with his no-cape look, retractable wings, invisibility, and boosters in his feet setting him apart from the original Dark Knight in more unique ways than one.

Conceptualizing what Terry would look like should he ever get the live-action treatment Hollywood keeps circling around but never committing to, this new Batman Beyond suit takes all the best elements of Terry McGinnis’ iconic animated design while also mixing in some of the more practical additions that newer incarnations of the costume have brought to the table, the highly realistic character skins from the Arkham video game series being one such example. Developing this costume with a slimmer design that harkens back to what Christian Bale’s second suit in The Dark Knight looked like, Jaxson also throws in a black faceplate that covers Terry’s entire face, paying homage to the original animated design while ensuring it makes sense in its transition into a real-life setting. Finishing things off with a blazing red bat emblem, a red-accented belt, and comic-accurate all-white eyes, Jaxson nails a realistic redesign that most concept artists have a hard time pulling off successfully, let alone at this high of an artistic level.

So while it’s still up in the air whether Terry will ever get a proper live-action debut, this art is the closest thing fans can get to experiencing what it might be like. Batman Beyond’s Terry McGinnis and his futuristic batsuit deserve a big screen makeover, so fingers crossed that the DCU takes inspiration from Jaxson Derr’s (@jaxsonderr) awesome real-world design when that time inevitably comes!

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