Batman Has a Much Darker Reason For Being Superman’s Opposite

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Batman isn’t just Superman’s darker counterpart. Monkey Prince #4 reveals the core of Batman’s life force is a terrifying opposite to Superman’s qi.

As the two biggest heroes in the DC Universe, Batman and Superman have often been portrayed as the perfect opposites of one another. However, Monkey Prince #4 puts a disturbing spin on what truly separates the World’s Finest.

Though the duo both share a dedication to justice, Clark and Bruce are about as opposite as can be. Superman has godlike powers while Batman relies on training he’s mastered over a lifetime. Clark is a man of action, responding to powerful threats, but Bruce uses his analytical mind to solve the world’s biggest mysteries. And of course Batman protects Gotham by night while Superman does his best hero work in the light of day. Both heroes have found the path that works best for them, and in spite of their opposite methods, they make a great team when the situation calls for it.


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However, it seems that the differences between Batman and Superman go all the way down to their life force, and it puts a dark twist on their opposite nature. Monkey Prince #4 by Gene Luen Yang and Bernard Chang, the Penguin has been possessed by a demon named Golden Horn King, and he’s kidnapped the Monkey Prince’s parents. Monkey Prince and Robin attempt to rescue them before the enhanced Penguin stops them. Fortunately, Batman arrives on the scene to assist the heroes. However, the Golden Horn Penguin absorbs a substantial amount of Batman’s qi, or life force, before Monkey Prince is able to successfully rid Penguin of the spirit. But Golden Horn King has gotten enough of Batman’s qi that he’s able to maintain a physical form. Now that Golden Horn King has the power of fear running through his veins, he gains a much more frightening and Batman-like appearance.

Batman And Superman’s Life Energies Are Night And Day

The idea of superheroes and their life energy is something that has been explored in DC before, particularly with the New Super-Man of China, Kong Kenan. He can channel Superman’s qi, which endows him with the Man of Steel’s many powers. The life energy of Superman has been shown to be a powerful force that can make people better, but it seems that Batman’s has the opposite effect. Instead of making someone better, it’s arguably made a demon even worse.

Superman and Batman are two sides of the same coin. Day and Night. Light and Dark. And while it may be a stretch to call Batman ‘evil’, his qi undoubtedly makes a demon that much more worse and scary looking. On the other hand, Superman’s life energy, is certainly a force for good, as it was able to help Kong Kenan grow from a self-centered bully to a worldly and friendly new Super-Man. It seems that Superman’s qi has the potential to bring out people’s best while Batman’s energy is something that can make bad things worse, an unsettling spin on their opposite dynamic.

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