Best Beachwear for Round Curves

All of us are different and it is our aim to make sure that we have mix and match options to suit and flatter your own particular shape. Women have always been and will be concerned on how they look. Summer and bikini season is the most controversial time for women who cannot decide what kind of swimwear to wear.

Beachwear for round curves is quite a challenge for girls with a curvy body type; and the reason why girls and women don’t feel comfortable wearing bathing suits is mostly caused by the fact they don’t choose the right swimwear styles.

If you’re looking for beachwear for round curves and cannot decide what to pick from the numerous swimwear styles on the market, always consider what parts of your body you want hidden. If you have issues with your midsection, which includes also the tummy, choose a one-piece swimsuit without any details right on that area. Instead, try a style with details and prints on the upper area to draw the attention away from the tummy.

For wide shoulders, buy a one shoulder swimwear design. The asymmetrical aspect is not only very trendy but helps to balance out the shoulders.

Do’sFor those of you with a bit of tummy wobble, try one the very flattering Tankinis which give bust support and lift but fall softly round the tummy to hide our imperfections. The overall look is much more flattering than a one piece and the added bonus is, while no ones watching, you can roll it up and get a tanned tummy!

You can also choose one piece but with vertical prints top to visually lengthen your body.

Don’tsDon’t wear shorts! They hit right on the widest part of your thighs and only make your legs thicker and shorter. Plus, avoid light colors and go for the slimming darks instead, like navy, black or brown which will look amazing with your tan!




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