Best Ring Lights (Updated 2023)
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Best Ring Lights (Updated 2023)

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Ring lights are lighting accessories that are circular and emit light. In recent times, they mostly use LED lighting technology and are usually mounted on stands. Buying one of the best ring lights helps you move toward your goal of achieving proper lighting for your shoot. Great lighting will have a positive effect on the quality of your videos and photos.

Getting the lighting right is one of the basics of properly shooting a video or photo. This includes making great use of natural light or artificial lights, whether you’re at home or on the go for a shoot, and positioning them in such a way that gives your object the needed focus and ensures you can pass across your message successfully while producing a beautiful work of art.

Buying one of the best ring lights ensures you can get a professional lighting level even if you’re not in a studio. With a good ring light, you can achieve professional lighting to shoot your content videos or images for social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and the likes.

The Sensyne 10” Ring Light is one of the best ring lights you can buy if you’re into video content creation. You can use this ring light to live stream to your audience on social media. You can also use it to record videos for your YouTube and TikTok channels and accounts. When you’re not using it for any of the above, you can easily use it to ensure your makeup sits right on your face.

It comes with three color modes — cool white, warm yellow, and daylight. You also get ten brightness levels you can adjust to suit your specific needs.

This ring light is compatible with both android and iOS devices, as you can control your camera shutter via the accompanying remote. It will be compatible with your mobile device as long as the operating system is Android 4.2.2 and above, or iOS 6.0 and above.

The Sensyne 10” Ring Light has a high sensitivity touch panel design that you can expect to last longer than traditional mechanical buttons. This touch panel makes it easy for you to control the color modes and brightness level to your desired taste.

This ring light draws its power from a USB port and comes with a built-in phone holder that makes it easier to record your videos and take your photographs with your phone making solid use of the light. The phone holder is spring loaded and it can extend up to 5.3 inches wide. Thus it is compatible with almost all smartphones with the case on or off.

Key FeaturesTouch controlBluetooth connectivity3 color modes10 brightness levels
SpecificationsSize: 10-inchConnectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USBWhat’s Included: Tripod, wireless shutter, phone stand, USB cableBrand: Sensyne
ProsUSB-powered controlPhone holder up to 5.3” wideCustomizable tripod standWireless remote shutter
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The Weeylite 18-inch RGB Ring Light Kit is one of the best ring lights you can buy for your TikTok and YouTube videos. This ring light adopts 352pcs high color rendering (CRI & TLCI ≥95) beads with a super large adjusted color temperature. You can adjust the temperature from 2500 to 8500K. It also has stepless dimming from 0% to 100%.

When you buy this ring light you get 0-360 degree full color and a custom RGB model with 0L to 100L color saturation. The light has a built-in scene mode with 17 special lighting effects. This helps you build a more creative lighting setup for your videos. Hence, you get to avoid the need for extra physical color filters to help you achieve the color palette you desire in your videos.

You can control this with an RC-11 wireless remote control. You can also control it with your mobile phone or tablet running Android or iOS via the Weeylite app. The app lets you control your ring light via a 2.4G Bluetooth wireless system as long as you’re within a 20-meter range.

The Weeylite App has 6 groups and 19 channels that allow you to control a single light or multiple lights at the same time. This helps you achieve multiple lighting effects using just one controller. Thus making it easier for you to achieve your desired lighting effects when shooting your photos or making videos.

The Weeylite 18-inch RGB Ring Light Kit also has a built-in LCD display and an all-in-one knob to help you view and adjust the needed parameters for your light setup.

Key FeaturesLCD Adjustable color temperatureBuilt-in scene modeAll-in-one knob
SpecificationsSize: 18-inchConnectivity Technology: BluetoothWhat’s Included: Ring light, light stand, carrying bag, wireless remote, tablet holder, phone holder, camera mount, 2 hot shoe adapters (long/short), DC adapterBrand: Weeylite
ProsStepless brightness dimmingWeeylite App for controlRemote can control multiple lights at once17 special lighting effects
ConsThe app does not come with usage instructions
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Weeylite 18-inch RGB Ring Light Kit

If you’re on a search for a mini ring light you can easily attach to your laptop for use during video calls, live streams, and online conferences, consider the UBeesize Video Conference Lighting Kit. This is a portable lighting kit you can easily use if you are working in a small space, or if you need a light you can easily pack with you when you’re on the go.

It has 60 beads that make your face brighter and look more uniform when you’re sitting in front of that webcam. It also has no glare and dazzle, protecting your eyes from damage. The selfie ring light comes with an anti-slip camp that you can mount on your laptop, desk, or computer. It also comes with a tabletop tripod you can use when you don’t want to clamp it to your laptop.

The UBeesize Video Conference Lighting Kit gives you five lighting colors and 10 levels of brightness. Its color temperatures include warm, light white, white light, daylight, and cold white. You also get a luminance adjustment from 10% to 100%, so you can set it to provide the perfect color and brightness for use in front of your camera.

Each bead on this ring light is a 0.2W bulb and the light is powered by a USB cord. You can power it with devices such as a laptop, PC, power bank, USB charger, or AC adapter. The versatility in power options means you don’t have to worry about being near a power outlet before you can get the required lighting you need.

Key Features5 color temperatures10 brightness levelsUSB-poweredSecure clamp
SpecificationsSize: 5-inchConnectivity Technology: USBWhat’s Included: Ring light, tabletop tripod, secure clampBrand: UBeesize
ProsPortable size360-degree rotationMore bulbs for increased brightnessUnique design
ConsThe clip can feel somewhat tight
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UBeesize Video Conference Lighting Kit

The IVISII Ring Light aids your journey towards achieving the proper color and lighting in your photography. This 19-inch LED ring light dims from 3000K to 5800K. The brightness dimming also ranges from 1 to 100%. Hence, you can set it appropriately to match your skin tone or the color of your subjects so you can achieve the stellar photographic result you are looking for.

You can use this ring light for both personal and commercial uses and expect it not to disappoint you. It works well for events such as weddings, broadcasts, live streams, and so on. It also has twelve heat dissipating holes that help cool your ring light even if you keep using it for an extended period. This gives you the assurance that your ring light will be durable as heat will not result in quick damage to the internal components. You can comfortably use it for long streaming sessions and multiple photoshoots at once.

It has wide compatibility as you can use it with your smartphone, tablet, SLR camera, and others. You can also adjust the circle light panel 180 degrees to soften the light and remove the shadows. This helps you in your journey towards achieving the perfect photography.

It is made with 240 pieces of LED beads and gives 55W of total output. Hence, you can use it as a key light for your shoot. The aluminum alloy tripod also helps in stabilizing your ring light. You can adjust this tripod to up to 75 inches in height to help you light up the desired areas.

Key FeaturesLCD Adjustable color temperatureHigh CRI LED beads55W power output
SpecificationsSize: 19-inchConnectivity Technology: BluetoothWhat’s Included: Ring light, light stand, color filters, tripod, camera/phone mount, carrying bagBrand: IViSii
ProsWide brightness dimming levelsLarge ring light size12 heat dissipating hole180-degree adjustment
ConsThe ring light and tripod port might need extra tightening to prevent tipping
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The Neewer Ring Light is a great option for you if you’re looking for a larger ring light that is suitable for your self-portrait shooting and video recordings. This is an 18-inch 55W 5500K LED ring light that comes with an orange and white color filter set. The filter sets mean that you can choose to give your lighting an orange tint, or simply leave it as the pure bright white light it originally comes as.

It has a wide dimming range of 1% to 100% and the 240 pieces of LED ensure you get the brightness you need. It has a special LED SMD design, and it is lightweight and portable. Hence, you can carry it along with you when you’re going for shoots outside the comfort of your home, and not worry about having excess weight added to your luggage.

The Neewer Ring Light has no ultraviolet and infrared light radiation. Hence, you can rest assured that you’re not using materials that are harmful to your health. It also has low heat output, so you can use it for a long time and not worry about the heat scalding you when you, accidentally or deliberately, touch it.

You can attach a mobile phone holder or a DSLR camera to the ring light via the cold shoe ball head adapter. It comes with a 61” light stand that is made of aluminum allow. Hence, it is strong and will easily handle the weight of the ring light alongside the mobile phone or DSLR camera you attach to it.

Key FeaturesWhite and orange filter setBluetooth connectivityBall head hot shoe adapterSmartphone holder
SpecificationsSize: 18-inchConnectivity Technology: InfraredWhat’s Included: Ring light, light stand, soft tube, color filters, hot shoe adapter, phone/camera holder, charger, carrying bagBrand: Neewer
ProsComes with a carrying bagWide dimming rangeLightweight and portableCustomizable tripod stand
ConsPanel quality for international sales can be improved
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The UBeesize 12’’ Ring Light is an excellent choice for you if you’re in need of a ring light that comes with a tripod stand that’s not so tall. This is a 12-inch ring light that ensures you get a larger surface area from which you can get light for your photos and videos.

It gives you 20W of power derived from 240 LEDs. This ensures you get increased brightness compared to the 10-inch version which only produces 8W of power. This also means you can use it as the key light for your portraits.

The UBeesize 12’’ Ring Light has five color temperatures from 3000K to 6000K. It also has 10 brightness levels and gives you luminance adjustment from 10% to 100%. This makes it ideal for various video recording, vlogging, live streaming, and photography. You can also use it for your beauty and make-up.

This ring light comes with a 62-inch tripod stand that you can also use in a selfie stick mode. This makes it easy for you to shoot your videos, group photos, vlogs, and adventure documentation. It also comes with a phone tripod stand that you can use in both landscape and portrait mode.

The tripod head is rotatable and the phone holder is adjustable. Hence, you can get multiple shooting angles in a matter of seconds. This helps you achieve more creativity in your shots.

With this ring light kit in your arsenal, you are good to go when it comes to lighting for your video and photo shoots.

Key Features20W power240 LEDs5 color temperatures10 brightness levels
SpecificationsSize: 12-inchConnectivity Technology: Wireless, USBWhat’s Included: Ring light, tripodBrand: UBeesize
ProsMore color temperaturesSmartphone holderRotatable tripod headWireless remote
ConsMight give off a quiet humming noise when in use
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UBeesize 12’’ Ring Light

The Switti Ring Light is an 18-inch LED ring light is a great LED ring light you can buy for your vlogging needs. This ring light offers a wide range of brightness settings from 1% to 100%. It also has variable color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 5800K. It uses 288 LED beads to light up your face and surrounding, giving you the perfect lighting you need.

The high brightness and high color rendering provided by this ring light also make it suitable for use as a makeup ring light. It has dual power supply and wide compatibility. Hence, you can be sure that you’ll get the brightness it provides whenever and wherever you need it. You can power this ring light with the adapter provided with it or with an applicable SONY NP-F series battery. However, you have to purchase the battery separately if you want to use it.

The battery it uses ensures you can get the brightness you desire even if you’re not near an outlet. It is also equipped with USB QC3.0. A cold shoe adapter ensures you can use it with most DSLR cameras. You can also use it with your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the smartphone and tablet holder it comes with.

The soft light ensures your eyes will never get tired, even if you use it for long hours of live streaming or video recording. This is thanks to the new SMD lamp beads and thick lampshade.

The Switti Ring 18-inch LED Ring Light is simply a great option for your self-portrait, photography, YouTube, TikTok, live streaming, and video chat needs.

Key Features3000 to 5800K variable color temperature1% to 100% brightness settings288 LED beadsDual power supply
SpecificationsSize: 18-inchConnectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USBWhat’s Included: Ring light, light stand, carrying bag, case for stand, adapter, tablet holder, phone holder, camera mountBrand: Switti
ProsHigh color renderingHigh brightnessUSB QC3.0Cold shoe adapter
ConsNo instructions on how to attach the light to the tripod
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The Inkeltech 21inch Ring Light is one of the best and largest ring lights you can buy for your photoshoot and video production needs. This is a ring light with an intelligent and quick color change. Hence, you can adjust the color temperature via the knob or remote control, removing the need for you to use color filters.

With the temperature change, you can use cold white light or warm light to hide blemishes and change skin tones quickly and immediately. This ring light makes use of an LED SMD design and 416 pieces of LED beads to give you more light for your photography. You can also use this brightness to make your photos and videos more beautiful for Facebook live, YouTube, TikTok, and other social media.

The Inkeltech 21-inch Ring Light helps you solve the problem of your phone running out of juice in the middle of a live stream or video recording session. This is because the ring light has a USB port at the back which you can use to charge your phone while taking videos. You also get a larger and brighter aperture, giving you a more professional environment for your indoor shooting. You can control the Inkeltech 21-inch Ring Light via the IR remote controller if you are not close enough to touch the light. However, if it is within arm’s length, you can reach out and control it via the knob at the back of the ring if you so choose. You can also choose to take selfies via the wireless controller.

Key FeaturesIntelligent color changeControl knobIR remote controlLED SMD design
SpecificationsSize: 18-inchConnectivity Technology: USBWhat’s Included: Ring light, 3x phone holder, tripod, power lead, color remote, carrying bag, instructionsBrand: Inkeltech
Pros416 LED beads for high brightnessUSB port to charge phonesWireless selfie controllerRetractable tripod
ConsNo instructions for the ball joiningThe power cable could be longer
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Inkeltech 21inch Ring Light

The UBeesize 17.5” Led Ring Light is another great ring light from UBeesize. This ring light is great for you if you want a large ring light for your video or photo shoots but you don’t want one as large as the 20-inch ring light on this list.

You get a lot of the functions you desire in a ring light with a smart appearance. The light provides you with adjustable color temperatures between 3000K and 6000K. The brightness capacity is also dimmable and between 1000lm to 5000lm.

You need not worry about excessive heat or a resultant increase in your power bill as a result of using this light. It is designed to be energy-saving. The design also ensures there is less heat emitted, making it ideal for use in makeup applications, live streaming, and photography.

The UBeesize 17.5” Led Ring Light makes use of intelligent control features to help you achieve the accurate light settings you desire. You can make use of the touch panel or the wireless control remote to adjust the brightness levels or switch the color temperatures. You can also use the wireless remote to record videos with your smartphone in real-time.

This ring light comes with a premium tripod that can stay steadily at heights ranging from 17 inches to 65 inches. You can adjust the tripod to any height you want within this range and place it on your tabletop, or on the floor, depending on the specific use case. The tripod makes use of quick-flip locks to make the adjustment easy and achievable within seconds.

Key Features3000 to 6000K color temperature1000 to 5000lm brightness capacityTouch panelWireless control remote
SpecificationsSize: 17.5-inchConnectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USBWhat’s Included: Ring light, tripod, adapter, remote light control, camera/phone mountBrand: UBeesize
ProsSmart appearanceRecord videos with a smartphone in real-timePremium tripodQuick-flip locks
ConsThe power cable could be longerLight doesn’t incline up to 90 degrees
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UBeesize 17.5” Led Ring Light

The Aureday 12” LED Ring Light is a 12-inch circle light that comes with 240 pcs of high-quality built-in LED bulbs. This ring light provides you with soft and continuous lighting with no shadows or harsh lines on your face. It is perfect for live streaming, TikTok videos, portrait photography, selfies, macro photo shooting, makeup application, and more.

This halo light has 5 color modes from warm 3000K to white 6000K. It also has a wide brightness dimmer range from 10% to 100%. This makes it ideal for shooting in multiple scenarios.

The Aureday 12” LED Ring Light comes with a 360-degree adjustable phone mount. When you combine it with the 180-degree rotatable tripod head, you can easily switch it to any angle you want. This makes it easier to incorporate more creativity in your video in terms of the shot angles. The ease of adjustment also means you can set your lighting perfectly to boost your image quality.

This ring light makes use of an aluminum alloy tripod that you can adjust from 17 inches to 62 inches in height. You can perform this adjustment in seconds, so you don’t spend much time adjusting your lighting to get the perfect shot.

The Aureday 12” LED Ring Light is also lightweight and portable. Hence, you can fold it easily and transport it for use or storage. You can control it with the mini wireless remote from distances up to 10 meters or 33 feet. You can also use the touchpad to easily and accurately make adjustments to the settings.

Key Features5 color modes10 brightness levelsMini wireless remote 3000 to 6000K color temperature
SpecificationsSize: 12-inchConnectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USBWhat’s Included: Ring light, tripod, wireless remote, adapterBrand: Aureday
ProsPortable Stylish180-degree rotatable tripod headA 360-degree adjustable phone mount
ConsMight get damaged easily if knocked over
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Aureday 12” LED Ring Light

The best ring lights are great peripherals you can use for your video and photography needs. While ring lights are more commonly known in the vlogging and content creation communities. Many people don’t know they can benefit from having it in their daily life. This is because of the increase in remote work and how common online video conferences and meetings have become.

While they are mostly useful for video recordings and photo shoots, you can also use ring lights in your daily routine. The best ring lights can make the difference between having a dull appearance and having others see your face in high quality when you’re on a work video call. This can be a huge advantage when you’re trying to pitch investors, having a virtual interview, or when you’re trying to ensure the person or people at the other end can see you clearly. Having a bright and clear image also ensures you can make a more positive first impression in the minds of your viewers.

The best ring lights are not only useful when you’re in front of your computer for a video call. You can also use them with your mobile phones and DSLR cameras. This is because many of them come with attachments that make it possible for you to mount your phones and cameras inside them. Hence, you can also use them for video calls and recordings you make with your phone or camera.

How can you determine the best ring light for you?

Use Case

Multiple factors determine which ring light you should buy. One of those factors is the circumstance of use. If you’ll be using your light on video calls made with your computer and you will find yourself on the move very often, then you need to go for a portable light. You can go as small as the 5-inch ring light you can easily clamp to your computer or mount on a table. If you want something larger than that, you can also go for one of the lights that are lightweight and easy to pack and unpack.


A useful feature that comes with some ring lights is the ability to adjust the color temperatures. This means you can change the warmth of your lighting without the need for color filters. However, you are unlikely to find this feature among the cheapest ring lights. Hence, you might need to sacrifice cheap costs for features. However, it’s worth it if you’ll need multiple color temperatures for your videos, calls, or photos. Having this feature also gives you more influence on how you appear on camera and increases your creativity.

Some ring lights also give you extra features like the ability to charge your mobile phone via the light, ensuring you don’t need to worry about your phone running out of juice in the middle of a long call, webinar, or video recording session.

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