Best Weapon Substitutes For Mika In Genshin Impact

Weapon substitutes for Genshin Impact’s Mika are plenty, thanks to how versatile he can be in a team comp. The 4-star Cryo hero from Mondstadt is one of the new additions with Version 3.5, along with the 5-star mercenary from Sumeru, Dehya. Dehya, however, was released in Phase 1, whereas Mika was added with the Phase 2 character banners. In a team comp, he can assume the role of either a damage buffer support through his Elemental Skill or a healer through his Elemental Burst. He can even be a hybrid, though exercising both tasks can make him tougher to build.


Regardless of the role, the young member of the Knights of Favonius uses a polearm in combat. Due to the weapon type’s vast availability, there are many weapon substitutes that Genshin Impact’s Mika can employ. Mika does follow a weapon trend in Genshin Impact, wielding an alternative tool for fighting: a crossbow. This, however, does not influence how he plays out and is simply an aesthetic design since its damage output is calculated based on his normal stats, including the ones brought in by the equipped polearm. Luckily, Mika can equip many different weapons, from 5-stars to F2P (free-to-play) options.

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Best 5-Star Weapon Substitutes For Mika

Firstly, players should decide if they want the character operating as a healer or a damage buffer in their team comp. If he is to be a supporting healer, their priority should be finding polearms that grant him extra Energy Recharge, which he will take advantage of with his Elemental Burst’s uptime. The first best option is Raiden Shogun’s best weapon in Genshin Impact, Engulfing Lightning. This is the best weapon substitute for Genshin Impact’s Mika due to its incredible Energy Recharge sub-stat (55.1% at level 90). The problem is that this 5-star polearm only shows up in limited-time weapon banners.

As such, the best immediate 5-star weapon substitute for Mika in Genshin Impact is Skyward Spine. The polearm has a higher base attack stat (674 at level 90) than Engulfing Lightning (608 at level 90), at the cost of its Energy Recharge sub-stat (36.8% at level 90). Despite its lower Energy Recharge rate, it is still an excellent weapon for Mika to use in his healer build. This gains even more traction when considering it can be obtained through the standard banner, as well as through unlucky 50/50 pulls in the weapon banner. Because of its wider availability, Skyward Spine is a solid choice.

Hu Tao’s signature weapon in Genshin Impact, Staff of Homa, is the way to go if players are using Mika as a damage buffer in their team comp. This is because of his Elemental Skill, responsible for providing the buff scales off HP. Unfortunately, the Staff of Homa is the only 5-star polearm that grants additional HP, and it is not even through a sub-stat but a weapon skill. As such, this is the only 5-star weapon substitute for Genshin Impact’s Mika when he is used as a buffer. No other polearm in this tier can attend to his necessities.

Best 4-Star Weapon Substitutes For Mika

For players looking for easier options than 5-stars, the 4-star tier contains many weapon substitutes for Mika in Genshin Impact. Because his healer build relies heavily on Energy Recharge to keep his Elemental Burst up and ready, the first choice players should consider is the Favonius Lance, which is still one of Genshin Impact’s best polearms. Though this weapon only drops from banners, it is quite easy to obtain. Its Energy Recharge sub-stat (30.6% at level 90) is very satisfying, and its weapon skill generates additional Energy particles with every Critical hit, which can fuel the Elemental Burst even more.

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Even better than the Favonius Lance is the fishing-related polearm, The Catch. This weapon substitute for Mika in Genshin Impact is a F2P option, which makes it even better. The Catch’s Energy Recharge sub-stat is extremely high (45.9% at level 90), surpassing even that of the 5-star Skyward Spine. Alternatively, players can utilize the craftable Prototype Starglitter as a weapon substitute for Mika’s healer build. The polearm, which is also a F2P weapon in Genshin Impact, shares the same base attack stat (510 at level 90) and sub-stat with The Catch. This makes them extremely interchangeable based merely on preference or availability.

Neither The Catch nor Prototype Starglitter offers a weapon skill that Mika can take advantage of since he is not supposed to be on the field to deal damage. Nonetheless, they are both excellent choices for his healer build. Unfortunately, no suitable 4-star weapon substitutes exist for Mika if players go with a damage buffer build. In addition, there are no polearms in the category that offer an HP boost. Therefore, if players are still inclined to use a 4-star weapon for Mika’s buffer build, they should choose one that increases Energy Recharge while building his HP through Artifacts in Genshin Impact.

Best F2P Weapon Substitutes For Mika

The best F2P weapon substitutes for Mika are the ones mentioned previously. Both The Catch and Prototype Starglitter are F2P options in the game. However, the Catch requires a bit more dedication in obtaining since it depends on exchanging certain fish types at Inazuma Fishing Association (6x Raimei Angelfish, 20x Golden Koi, and 20x Rusty Koi), and catching these can take some time.

Prototype Starglitter can be forged at any blacksmith for easily obtainable resources (1x Northlander Polearm Billet, 50x Crystal Chunk, 50x White Iron Chunk, 500x Mora).

Mika does not have a 4-star option for his damage buffer build; however, curiously enough, the best possible polearm he can use is the 3-star weapon in Genshin Impact known as Black Tassel. On top of it, this weapon substitute for Genshin Impact’s Mika is a F2P option. It has a pitiful performance when it comes to base attack (354 at level 90) but compensates for it by being the only polearm in the entire game with an HP sub-stat, and a great one at that (46.9% at level 90).

In fact, it is better that Mika uses Black Tassel than Staff of Homa, leaving the 5-star polearm for a character that can actually make use of its damaging properties. Unfortunately, the 4-star hero has few options for his damage buffer build. Nonetheless, there are plenty of weapon substitutes for Genshin Impact’s Mika when he is used as a healer.

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