Betty Barclay Spring 2020 Handbags

Fabulous handbag styles don’t necessarily have to be very complex when it comes to designs or very futuristic for that matter. Going for true and tested style cues can almost always deliver spectacular results and the Betty Barclay spring/summer 2020 handbag collection managed to do it perfectly. With a clear focus on creating stylish yet ultra functional handbag styles, the brand provides us with stylish accessories that will make you stand out in a matter of minutes. Color and simple style elements are the way to go if you’re craving for simplicity with a modern touch.

For those most focused on versatility, neutral tones undoubtedly represent the best choice available. Classy shoulder handbags are ultra convenient and versatile and the styles included in the collection have a healthy blend of elements that make them suitable for a myriad of circumstances. However, if making accessories your focal point is your concern for the new season, you might want to direct your attention towards more colorful options that enable you to stay on top of the latest trends with just a few simple touches.

The color palette isn’t exactly a generous one, yet the well defined choices have a strong appeal as they encourage us to go for femininity, one of the most important style directions of the season. Fuchsia, coral or bright red are classic choices that reflect girly touches while bright yellow tones go perfectly with the summer season vibes creating an upbeat and cheerful impression when combined imaginatively. For a more pronounced modern hint, the exotic skin texture is a fabulous and fashionable addition.

The fairly minimalistic approach in terms of design is enhanced by the use of metal elements as a quick way to add visual cues without drastically changing the style of the handbags. Chains, studs or zippers are some of the most interesting elements that take the handbag to a new level in terms of style interest and glamor. With a diversity of handbag styles designed to suit every need, the new season sure comes with exciting alternatives for many style needs and desires.

Photo courtesy of Betty Barclay

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