Beyond Barbiecore Pink: Where To Shop The Style In Greta Gerwig’s Barbie

Margot Robbie as a Barbie who can fly down the stairs, walk on water and who appears to be going through a very relatable girlhood-to-womanhood identity crisis. A tan Ryan Gosling wearing Ken-branded boxers; no thoughts, head so empty, giving the ultimate Kenergy. A world of pink, pastels and hard, shiny plastic, packed with painstaking attention to detail. We’re calling it: Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is set to be the biggest film event of the year (sorry to all the Oppenheimer truthers out there).

Whether you’re planning to doll yourself up for the 21st July release date or are just curious about how to add some Barbie energy to your wardrobe, we’ve combed through the trailer, promo pictures and BTS clips to put together the best Barbie-inspired outfits for all the major characters, including pieces actually used in the film (and very close dupes). Think bigger than Barbiecore pink — we’ve covered different iterations of Barbie, Ken and some fan-favourite characters like Midge and Allan, linking the film costumes to actual dolls in Mattel’s archive. Choose your fighter.

How to dress like Margot Robbie as Barbie in her pink, fluffy heels

When the first Barbie teaser trailer dropped, it set the internet alight. One scene in particular rocked algorithms the world over: Barbie stepping out of a pair of pink, fluffy heels, her feet perfectly pointed as a real Barbie doll’s would be. To quote director Bong Joon-Ho, “To me, that’s cinema”. 

Following the release of the extended trailer, we now know that Barbie’s feet — and her choice of footwear — play a significant role in her character development so nabbing a pair of Barbie-esque shoes is the perfect (and easiest!) starting point for dressing like the character. Whether you opt for a heel or feel more comfortable in flats, be sure to pick the pinkest pair you can find (bonus points for pompoms and other embellishments like bows and butterflies).

How to dress like Margot Robbie as #1 Ponytail Barbie

Our very first glimpse of Robbie as Barbie was nothing short of iconic. Dressed as #1 Ponytail Barbie — the original Barbie doll from 1959 — she stands proud and godlike in homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Nail the look with a black and white striped swimsuit, white cat-eye sunglasses, red lips, gold circle earrings and black peep-toe pumps. Or channel Robbie on the Barbie press tour and opt for a striped bodycon dress.

How to dress like Margot Robbie as Pink Gingham Barbie

We see Margot Robbie’s Barbie sporting pink gingham several times in the film trailer, first in a ’50s-style flared sundress that she wears while getting ready, accessorised with a matching hair bow and statement daisy earrings and necklace. The second time, she’s on the beach in a playsuit with a heart-shaped cut-out back, pink gingham sun hat and plastic shell jewellery. So far, this is the print we’re most closely associating with Gerwig’s Barbie universe (Pink Gingham Barbie has also been immortalised in doll form by Mattel and championed by Robbie on the press tour). The look has been part of the Barbie universe for decades, first used in 1972 for the Steffie Barbie doll.

Where to shop Barbie’s daisy and shell jewellery

Etsy is your best bet for kitschy, plastic, retro-style jewellery like Barbie’s daisy and shell sets.

How to dress like Margot Robbie as Disco Jumpsuit Barbie

What’s a big, blowout party without glitzy disco outfits, a group of friends, a choreographed dance and intrusive thoughts? That’s how it rolls in Barbie Land, anyway, as Robbie’s Barbie kills the mood with some existential questions about death.

We’ll leave the philosophising to Barbie but for your own disco queen look you want to be thinking ultra-glam and gold. In the film, Robbie wears a jumpsuit that seems to be a nod to the 1981 Golden Dream Barbie. If you really want to recreate this look, Barbie’s frothy headpiece could be a fun DIY project with some wire, tulle, gold ribbon and a glue gun.

How to dress like Margot Robbie as Sailor Barbie

Barbie loves nothing more than a theme, as proven by her beachside sailor outfit (a look also adopted by her fellow Barbies). Throughout Barbie’s history, she’s had several nautical looks, mainly in the ’60s. She’s worn sailor stripes, retro bathing suits and bloomers, anchor motifs and pleated skirts with suspenders.

How to dress like Margot Robbie as Pink Beret Barbie

When Robbie’s Barbie decides to leave Barbie Land and visit “the real world” to discover “the truth about the universe”, she dons the universal symbol of poets and philosophers: a beret. Naturally, hers is pink.

How to dress like Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Rollerskating Barbie and Ken

Barbie and Ken have been rollerskating since 1980 but Gerwig’s film iterations are clearly taking fashion inspiration from 1991’s Rollerblade Barbie’s cycle shorts and 1994’s Hot Skatin’ Barbie’s abstract prints and neon wheels. Though one of the most costumey looks of the bunch, it’s one of the easiest to recreate thanks to skate brand Impala’s collaboration with the movie and dead-on dupes from Malibu Skatewear.

How to dress like Margot Robbie as Cowgirl Barbie

Yeehaw! Barbie has gone country several times in the past (namely 1980’s Western Superstar Barbie and 1993’s Western Stampin’ Barbie) but Gerwig’s hot pink Cowgirl Barbie feels fresh and contemporary; it’s an outfit that we could easily imagine wearing to a Harry Styles concert. If you’re on the hunt for a similarly colourful Western look, Easy Tiger needs to be on your list — their matching sets especially.

How to dress like Ryan Gosling as Double Denim Vest Ken

Denim vest Ken appears to be a creation of the film’s costume department, a theory backed up by the fact that Gosling himself suggested the Ken logo boxer shorts (a play on classic Calvin Kleins). We reckon this double denim moment is a subtle nod to Justin Timberlake at 2001’s American Music Awards — Ken does give boy band energy, after all.

How to dress like Dua Lipa as Mermaid Barbie

Gerwig’s Barbie Land isn’t home to just one Barbie. There are seemingly endless versions of the doll here, each doing their thing, whether that’s being a Nobel Prize winner or a Supreme Court Justice. We’re especially excited about Dua Lipa’s Mermaid Barbie, which marks the singer’s acting debut. Barbie’s first turn as a mermaid came in 1991 and since then it’s become one of her most popular roles (there have been over 120 different Mermaid Barbies). With mermaidcore continuing to be one of summer’s biggest trends, we anticipate plenty of Mermaid Barbie cosplays in the future.

How to dress like Kate McKinnon as Always-In-The-Splits (AKA “Weird, Destroyed”) Barbie

Another Barbie that has caught our eye is Kate McKinnon’s character. Unlike her perfectly poised and coiffured sisters, this Barbie has smoky eyeliner, crayon all over her face, choppy hair and a paint-splattered dress — just like the dolls you would give haircuts and makeovers to as a kid. We know she’s different from the other Barbies because her house isn’t in the town but high up on a hill and behind a gate. It seems appropriate that this character helps Robbie’s Barbie on her quest for “the truth”, offering her the choice between a pink stiletto and a Birkenstock sandal.

Emulate her look with the puffy or floaty hot pink dress of your choice and get creative with some face paint. Don’t want to splatter your new dress with art supplies? Try stitching on colourful fabric patches instead.

How to dress like Issa Rae as President Barbie

Barbie has been running for office since 1991 (the first of six tries!) so we’re excited to see this reflected in Gerwig’s film. While Mattel has stuck to tradition, dressing their Presidential Barbies in red, white and blue and classic skirt suits, Issa Rae’s character pairs her presidential sash with a pink boiler suit or a frothy party dress.

How to dress like Emerald Fennell as Midge

Midge is a controversial figure in Barbie’s history. Introduced in 1963 as a friend of Barbie, she had her moment in 2002 when Mattel released their Happy Family line, including a pregnant Midge and a newborn baby. Criticised for promoting teen pregnancy, Midge was subsequently benched until a childless reintroduction in 2013. We’re excited to see how Emerald Fennell — who is clearly heavily pregnant in her character poster — plays this out.

If you’re trying to set yourself apart with a Midge costume then you’re in luck: this one is super easy. All you need is a purple floral dress and a growing belly.

How to dress like Michael Cera as Allan

Another niche character in the extended Barbie family tree (and a fan favourite already) is Michael Cera’s Allan, an inadvertent gay icon. Allan debuted in 1964, marketed as Ken’s “buddy” who could fit into his clothes, with unbuttoned trousers for fast swapping. Make of that what you will.

For an Allan look, it’s all about the easy breezy, crochet beach sets and button-ups.

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