Blac Chyna Makes An Appearance on ‘Careesha Please’ in a Pink Balenciaga SS23 Dress

Catching flights, not feelings has been Blac Chyna’s memo all 2023 and it seems like she’s been all business and focused on rebranding herself.

The socialite and Actress, 34, who’s best known for breaking onto the scene as Nicki Minaj stunt double in Kanye West 2010 music video ‘Monster,‘ has come such a long way.

She payed a visit to Yung Miami on the set of “Careesha Please” this week, and she was almost unrecognizable in her short pixie cut, and skin tight pink Balenciaga SS23 dress. There’s no doubt that she’s definitely changing her image and she recently shared that she dissolved her lip and face fillers and removed body Implants which once gave her an exotic look while dancing at ‘King of Diamonds,’ in Miami back in the day.

As the she made her way to the set (in the video below), she embraced Diddy who wore an all nude look with Aviators and he definitely looked happy and pleased with her new look.

IG Reproduction

It’s so great seeing Blac Chyna smile, evolve and be such a savvy business woman without relying on her children’s fathers, Tyga and Rob Kardashian to be the sole providers. It demonstrates her ambition, and reminds us that you too can rebrand yourself at any given moment.

Taking a closer look at her pink monochromatic look that she paired with rose colored stiletto heels, you will noticed the impeccable knotting happening on her $3185 Balenciaga cutout gown. It gave Blac Chyna both an elegant, edgy and urban look and was absolutely perfect for a chic cocktail occasion and sit down with Yung Miami.

Photo: IG Reproduction

We can’t wait to see Blac Chyna’s upcoming episode on ‘Careesha Please’ as we know Yung Miami’s bold, candid and unsolicited questions will spark insight into Blac Chyna’s lifestyle and thought process regarding her latest transformation.