Blake Lively’s Latest Shoe Shopping Spree

Blake Lively’s Latest Shoe Shopping Spree

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind when it comes to the fact that that Blake Lively is a fashionista that has exquisite tastes in fashion. Her strong preference for the Louboutin brand is definitely not a secret either if we take into account the fact that the well known brand has even named a pair of shoes after her. However Blake Lively’s latest shoe shopping spree has definitely amazed the many of her fans while also making many women envious.

It seems that Blake Lively has recently participated in an invitation-only, very exclusive Christian Louboutin sample sale that took place in New York and walked home with no less than 40 pairs of shoes.

The prices were lower than usual so Ms Lively took advantage of the heavy discounts and paid only 9000 dollars for her purchases after trying on signature shoes for approximately 4 hours. Since a pair of flats has a starting price of $150 while heels were sold for about $225 most most fashionistas would agree that she got some pretty good deals.

Even though she is a well known starlet she managed to give her fans a true lesson in frugality celebrity-style proving once again that she is quite a savvy shopper. Of course there are always critics that might see her initiative a display of opulence and maybe even egotism. However this idea is as sound as it might appear at a first glace as she is not planning to keep all her purchases to herself.

It seems that the fact that the holiday seasons are rapidly approaching has also played an important role when it comes to her decision as she told People magazine:’I have sisters so I’m getting gifts for them for friends. Of course I got quite a few for myself’. Taking these facts into account it can easy to see that her sisters and her friends will definitely have something to look forward to this holiday season.

Blake Lively with shoe designer Christian Louboutin

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