Bling Empire Star Kelly Mi Li Gives Birth To Her First Baby

Bling Empire star Kelly Mi Li welcomed her first child months after announcing she was expecting a baby girl. Kelly first announced her pregnancy in November 2022, showing off a positive pregnancy test on Instagram, along with a caption crediting the brand Clearblue with making the process easy. At the time, Kelly, whose love life has been a rough ride, revealed that the pregnancy was planned, and she was grateful to finally get to fulfill her mom’s dreams of becoming a grandmother. She also confirmed that her mystery man, whose identity she kept under wraps for most of Bling Empire season 3, was the father of her baby.


Nearly five months after the big reveal, Bling Empire‘s Kelly Mi Li welcomed the newborn. Via Instagram, Kelly shared a photo of herself cradling the baby girl while sitting on a hospital bed.

Captioning the post, she wrote, “Happy birthday to our little Easter bunny. After a little over 24 hours of labor, you’re finally here! There’s so much love and kindness you are surrounded by, and so many people for you to meet.” The new mom concluded the post by welcoming her daughter, Mili Ma, into the world.

What Bling Empire’s Kelly Mi Li Revealed During Pregnancy

The child arrived shortly after midnight on Sunday, April 9, and weighed 7 lbs, 5 oz, according to People. Kelly and her partner, William Ma, expressed how grateful they were to have gone through the pregnancy journey with the love and support of their family and friends. Prior to her baby’s arrival, Kelly never hesitated to share highlights of her pregnancy journey online, from how excited her mom was to finally get to become a grandma, to the mischievous perks of being pregnant. Once, she gushed about some of the benefits of her pregnancy, saying she got to eat whatever she wanted and had an excuse for not working out.

Having her boyfriend on hand to do her bidding through the process also made it seamless. Michael’s place in Kelly’s life makes her confident she can ace her parenting game. The Hot Jiang founder considers her boyfriend, who made his first public appearance at her baby shower in March, as the best partner she could ask for. He is great with kids, knows to step up for her, and shares her excitement at meeting their new baby girl. The two sure seem like the perfect couple, a fulfillment of Kelly’s romantic dreams, especially after years of treading the dating waters with little luck.

Long before revealing her blossoming romance with Michael following Bling Empire season 3, Kelly endured ill-fated relationships with Lin Maio, Andrew Grey and co-star Kevin Kreider. Her romance with former Power Rangers star Andrew proved especially toxic, leading the star to seek therapy to break free from the abusive cycle. While viewers have yet to forge opinions about her new beau thanks to her keeping his identity under wraps for the most part, Kelly’s perspective of him already depicts him as deserving of her soft nature and love. Hopefully, their newborn, Mili, will help Kelly and Michael forge an even closer bond and take their romance to new heights.

Sources: Kelly Mi Li/Instagram, People

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