Bra guide A-Z: 26 New Problem Solvers (Part One)

Bra guide A-Z: 26 New Problem Solvers (Part One)

Women know how hard it is to find the “perfect” bra – they either give you “back-fat”, cut into your shoulders with the straps, have underwiring poking you in the armpit or gives you the four-boob effect. You know the one – you have what appears to be four different boobs, two on each side, as your bra cuts you clean in half!

Finding the perfect bra doesn’t have to be impossible; just follow this simple A-Z of bra fitting!

A is for Action! Make an appointment or walk into your local lingerie stores and have your bra fitted properly. There are plenty of places that will do a free bra fitting – make the most of it and start wearing the right size.

B is for Back! The back of your bra is should be tightest, but not to the point where it gives you “back fat”. Many women make the common mistake of wearing their undergarments too loose at the back, but too tight in the cup. This will be uncomfortable and unsightly so get it right!

C is for Cup Size! This is what contains your breast. Your measurements will go something along the lines of 34A – the number is the measurement around your back and under your boobs, and the cup size is how big your actual cup is. Many women wear the wrong size cup to push their breasts up and make it look like they are bigger than what they are but this will be damaging for your posture, and can lead to many problems.

F is for Front Closure! This is a type of bra that has become very popular with breast-feeding Mothers. With a hook and eyes clasp (or similar) at the front, this is the best kind of bra for nursing mothers and it is well worth looking into this style to give more support at the front if you have the fuller figure that so many women desire!

So there you have it – Part One of Bra Guide A-Z: 26 New Problem Solvers…. Keep your eyes peeled for more helpful tips on wearing the right sized bra! <<Read Part two>>

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