Bra That Can Detect Breast Cancer in the Making

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and although we don’t touch the subject often on here, it’s nice to see that some possible answers are contouring as far as prevention goes, especially when they’re connected to fashion in some regards. What if wearing a bra would mean not only support and a base for many fab outfits, but also a helpful tool that would alert you if something is wrong early on? Well, such a bra might soon hit the market.

First Warning Systems of Reno, Nev. has created a Breast Tissue Screening Bra which can immediately alert the wearer of suspicious changes in the breast tissue. Mammograms are normally the go to test for such types of problems but they are often quite ineffective for women under 40 who tend to have denser breast tissue.

There is also the problem of radiation and false positives which tend to be a problem for women of all ages. Well, the new device aims to mimic the results of mammograms and self examination with the same accuracy and but much earlier.

With 16 temperature sensors, the bra can detect changes in breast tissue at deep levels and three clinical trials in which 650 tried the new bra have already shown that the device has a little over 90% accuracy. These sensors can even send data on the internet to be properly analyzed.

There are different views concerning the price and no official info has been disclosed yet, however the new bra is said to hit European markets as soon as 2020 and US around 2020 after it receives FDA approval.




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