Carolina Herrera Wedding Dresses Spring 2020

One of the names with resonance in the bridalwear industry and not only, Carolina Herrera, debuted her spring 2020 wedding dress collection and boy, how excited we are to have been blessed with the opportunity to raid through the new lineup!

Looking at wedding dresses can be a true delight even if you’re not preparing to tie the knot anytime soon as these dresses made for a once-in-a-lifetime moment capture the essence of elegance and femininity, so enchant your peppers with these dreamy designs signed Carolina Herrera as they’re truly mesmerizing. The designer that’s known for her focus on offering something to suit the preferences of all brides-to-be has impressed once again with her high creativity level as the new spring 2020 bridal collection packs quite a few stunner wedding dresses.

So, as we mentioned earlier an array of weeding gowns ranging from princess to siren and featuring details that covered everything from the simple spectrum of the niche to the all glam, Grace Kelly inspired side. The designs counting to 30 looked distinct and oh-so-elegant even though some had so much more going on compared to others, as far as details went.

Chantilly lace and hand-painted lace motifs as well as exquisite embroidery details and soft ruffles helped amp-up the glam level of the dresses covering the sophisticated spectrum of wedding dresses styles. Now, even though some of the dresses were completely covered from top to bottom with scintillating applications or floral details, Carolina Herrera’s spring 2020 wedding dresses did not fall into the opulent, heavy-on-the eyes zone, so you lovelies looking for something that stands out will have plenty of fab options to choose from. On the opposite side, those of you searching for simple dresses will not be disappointed as the designer brought to the runway various simplistic looking dresses that still gave us goose bumps, just take a peek at the snaps and see which one gets you gasping for air!

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Photos: Carolina Herrera

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