Celebrity Body and Facial Piercings

Celebrity Body and Facial Piercings

Body jewelry has a long tradition, starting from the ancient times to present. Indeed, more and more people decide to wear them as a sign of a certain attitude towards fashion and culture. If you are flirting with the idea of having one, it is useful to skim through the looks of several celebrities who were also fascinated by this contemporary form of art. Whether you decide for body or facial one, the secret to look confident is to know what your real purpose is with these accessories.

Some of these famous figures kept their body piercings, some decided to take them out. Still it is a fact that one time in their life they thought it would be the perfect accessory to shift the attention to their best assets.

Navel, nose and lip piercings were just as popular on the red carpet. Celebrities as Christina Aguillera just couldn’t resist the temptation and at one time sported no less than 11 piercings on her body from the most prominent to the less visible places.

Nose Piercing

The nose is a popular spot to wear facial jewelry especially among celebrities. It seems that both music and Hollywood sweethearts experiment with this style with more or less success. Pink and Kelly Clarkson seem to be fond of their jewelry and stick to them through good and bad.

On the other hand, Scarlett Johannson seems to be a fan of the non-traditional accessories, still avoids wearing it on the red carpet. Nose piercings are matched with several nose shapes however it seems that the best way to succeed is to choose a similar spot only if you are pleased with this feature since these details are perfect means to immediately attract the attention to the face.

Navel or Belly-Button Piercing

Those who are proud owners of toned abs can choose navel rings or piercings with great confidence. Moreover, it is recommended to choose a style that reflects your personality especially due to the unlimited range of designs, colors and shapes on the market. Feel free to expose it with decency, you don’t want to look trashy instead, the hot season is the perfect time to flash your beautiful jewelry.

Beyonce is one of the belly-button piercing fans who shows her devotion for this tiny piece and sports outfits that offer her the chance to flash it. Jessica Alba is one of the more restrained body jewelry fans, however it seems that the craze touched her too. Audrina Patridge is one of the young starlets who took advantage of the hot season to show off with her decorated belly-button.

Lip and Eyebrow Piercing

These delicate spots are also perfect to emphasize both sensual lips and sparkling eyes. These divas managed to sport their facial piercings with refined and worth-admiring style. Opting for a lip ring might be a great decision, however if you are confident and can make your lips kissable and ready to be gazed at, then this is the best option from the range of piercings.

Amber Rose and Mya wear their rings not on their fingers but on a more prominent area. Their brace choice earned all the applause among the stylish accessory fans. Fergie on the other hand seems to prefer eyes over lips and went for the eyebrow jewelry. Her eye makeup complements the jewelry further perking up her alluring glance.




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