Chanel Mademoiselle 2020 Bag Collection

Chanel Mademoiselle 2020 Bag Collection

The world renowned luxury brand Chanel has launched its latest handbag collection titled simply “Mademoiselle”. The name of the collection, which is the French name for “Miss”, is a perfect match for women who love to underline their femininity and timeless beauty. The fab Chanel Mademoiselle bag collection features soft, modern designs which still maintain that classic Chanel signature: the quilted design.

These characteristics are the perfect combo for women of all ages, being a perfect bag which you can wear for years in a row and still look fabulous. Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director for Chanel is responsible for these stylish bags that perfectly combine refined modernism with classicism.

Because having someone to represent the collection is a must, and because Chanel has always ensured the face of their products matches their style perfectly, Karl Lagerfeld has turned his attention towards a young, but uber-stylish celebrity, Blake Lively. The “Gossip Girl” hottie looked fabulous in the Chanel Mademoiselle ad campaign, being displayed in different positions, so the elegance and beauty of both Blake and bag can be emphasized to the max.

Chanel bags have always exuded luxury and style, so no wonder women loved all Chanel designs. The Mademoiselle bags are definitely not missing out on this detail, featured through design, fabrics as well as colors.

Chanel’s Mademoiselle handbags come in different sizes, but all have one thing in common: the rounded trapeze shape that makes it recognizable. From minimal to oversized, the bags attract attention through their beauty and carefully planned details. The materials which give the Mademoiselle bags that timeless, high-end look, are leather calfskin, lambskin, satin and jersey. This means they can be adapted to suit different occasions and outfits, from more casual-chic to formal attires.

The colors look amazing and underline the spectacular beauty of these bags; from red to black, white, midnight blue and gray, the Mademoiselle bags can definitely complete the stylish appearance of an outfit. To bring out that touch of modern glamor, Chanel opted for the iconic chain handles detail that has a significant impact over the design. The trademark double “C” Chanel logo is gorgeously attached to the side of the bags to emphasize that Chanel playfulness that everyone loves.

Photos courtesy of Chanel




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