Chanel Spring/Summer 2020 Lookbook

Sublime elegance oozes from Chanel’s spring/summer 2020 lookbook as the brand’s designs seem to have gone back to the basics, focusing on the beauty of high quality fabrics paired with feminine, classic cuts that form an enviable bond between decency and elegance. The work of the late Coco Chanel has pushed the brand to international recognition at a time when fashion was just beginning to grow roots through innovative designs that made heads turn and that underlined femininity in a way few managed to do, so it’s not a surprise that her legacy was carried on as faultless sophistication should always be pushed forward.

The new Chanel spring/summer 2020 lookbook has all the potential to take your breath away especially if you’re addicted to all things with a vintage appeal. Chanel connoisseurs will instantly spot the details that have become iconic and a trademark of the brand – the tweed and the bolero jacket – only there’s a twist: the designs were infused with a modern chicness that’s hard to overlook!

Karl Lagerfeld has never hidden his penchant for timeless, sophistication exuding garments, his love for designs that are above passing trends, designs that can easily be labeled investment pieces, so no wonder that he’s feeling well in his comfort zone as Creative Designer for Chanel. His take on iconic Chanel garments is faultless and hard to top as you can easily observe from the new 2020 lookbook, so if you’ve got the budget to include Chanel on your to-buy list, be sure to give any of the garments featured in the lineup a try as they’re all impeccable!

Dresses were apparently dethroned by fabulous pant and skirt separates that have a certain power-woman/croisière chicness written all over, so if you’re looking for a business-chic ensemble that’s super comfy, make sure you take separates into consideration. Although the fabrics and cuts were kept quite simple, bold accessories were used to give that glamor boost that makes all the difference. Pearl accessories are the ultimate jeweleries for women as Chanel underlines as their elegance is irrefutable and when paired with a classic, sophisticated ensemble, the fusion of style can be unbelievable, just take a peek at Chanel’s spring/summer 2020 lookbook and see if you can resist the combos!

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Photos: Chanel

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