Claire’s Life: Receiving the Culture Creators 2024 Media Award, Presented by Angela Simmons, in a Black Bow Ken White Dress and Piferi Heels

Happy Almost 4th of July!

Last Friday, I was honored to receive the 2024 Media Award from The Culture Creators. The ceremony acknowledges those making ways in various industries, from styling to CEOs. I was honored and humbled to be presented the award by longtime Fashion Bomb Daily supporter, Angela Simmons.

For the occasion, I wore a black designer, of course! Ken White out of Dallas, Texas did the honors, outfitting me in a bow dress that made me feel like a gift that keeps on giving!

As y’all know, I’ve been at this for almost two decades…! It always feels good to be acknowledged and seen. In a world full of trend, we are a classic!

Check out an excerpt from my speech below:


An excerpt from @fashionbombdaily CEO @clairesulmers ‘s acceptance speech for the 2024 media award @theculturecreators : “This award is dedicated to all the young fly girls and hot boys who feel like they don’t fit into a stereotypical box. The ones who feel overlooked and undervalued. I want to let you know that I see you. I value you. I think you’re And as long as I have this platform, I am committed to making the world see and value you too. ” @destinyfulfild #fashionbombdaily #clairesulmers #thebomblife #weallwegot #culturesbiggestnight

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Images: Getty/@FrankyRaw

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